Everything you think you know about tech is wrong

Do you think that learning tech skills is boring? Hard? Lonely? Confusing? Likely to turn you into a computer zombie (even if it’s not Halloween!)?

You are NOT alone.

But the funny thing is that no one who actually works in tech seems to think that’s the case. Au contraire, they describe their work as: Collaborative! Creative! Empowering! And…wait for it…FUN!

So it’s time that YOU let go of these self-limiting beliefs and realized that not only can learning tech skills be a delight, it’s going to be great for your career. Seriously, we guarantee .

Learning technology skills doesn’t mean you will become a code monkey, sitting at your computer alone all day, hoping that if you keep typing Shakespeare will come out. In fact, learning to code doesn’t mean that you will become a developer at all!

A quick search of the major job site The Muse shows tons of non-technical roles that ALSO require technical skills. Jobs like Sales Associate, Office Manager, Social Media Maven or Web Designers all ask for tech skills like HTML/CSS or familiarity with user experience design.

Seriously, go look for yourself!

The writing is on the wall, my friend, beefing up your tech know-how can make you more money, give you greater job flexibility, and just turn you into a total bad-ass!

Check out our schmancy infographic to see how tech skills can fit into, and transform, your life.

And then sign up for our next Skillcrush class and get started in tech the right way.