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You Know What Skill You Need—Now It’s Time to Learn It

If you’ve been researching exactly what skill you want to learn, or if you just need one more skill to round out your resume, specialization courses are the perfect fit! Our courses are designed to take you from “I’m just getting started” to “I’m super knowledgeable” in each technical skill. So if you’re ready to confidently add a new skill to your resume, enroll today!

Our Specialization Courses

If you need to add a specific skill to your technical tool-belt, then our skill specialization courses are perfect for you! Check out the offerings below:

* Coding *

Front End Development

(Average Salary: $105,000 )

  • 4 classes
  • 9 projects
  • 45 lessons
  • 22 videos

Front end developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—the building blocks of all modern websites—to code up the designs created by web designers and implement them on the web.


  • HTML & CSS

  • Working with Git & GitHub

  • Responsive Web Development

  • JavaScript Fundamentals

Front End Development + React JS

(Average Salary: $110,000 )

  • 5 Classes
  • 10 Projects
  • 51 Lessons
  • 21 Videos

Front end developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including libraries like React) to transform static website designs into rich, interactive, multimedia web experiences.


  • HTML & CSS

  • Working with Git & GitHub

  • Coding Responsive Websites

  • JavaScript Fundamentals

  • Introduction to JavaScript React

Python For Web Apps & Data

(Average Salary: $110,000 )

  • 3 Classes
  • 3 Projects
  • 45 Lessons
  • 36 Videos

Even as an entry-level Python developer, you’ll be able to quickly build web apps and gorgeous data visualizations—two skills that employers are willing to pay big money for.


  • Getting Started with Python

  • Using Python to Build Web Apps

  • Preparing & Displaying Data with Python

* Design *

User Experience (UX)

(Average Salary: $88,000 )

  • 3 Classes
  • 3 Projects
  • 45 Lessons
  • 21 Videos

User experience designers are innovative explorers who research, improve, and test websites and apps. They create delightful digital experiences that keep people coming back for more.


  • User Experience Research

  • Information Architecture & Prototyping

  • User Testing & Iteration

Visual Design

(Average Salary: $70,000 )

  • 3 Classes
  • 3 Projects
  • 29 Lessons
  • 32 Videos

Visual designers are digital artists and strategists. They are the creative visionaries behind everything from your favorite websites and apps to brand logos and ebook covers.


  • Visual Design Fundamentals and Tools

  • Branding & Identity Design

  • Visual Design Professional

Here’s Everything That’s Included When You Enroll

Expertly designed curriculum, PLUS all the support you need to learn your new tech skills!

State-Of-The-Art Online Learning Platform, Available 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

We’re a tech company, so we take our tech SERIOUSLY. And what this means is that you’ll have unlimited, lifetime access to our beautiful online learning platform packed full of everything you need to make learning new tech skills an absolute pleasure.

Each Course Comes With:

  • 3-5 tech skill building classes with built-in progress tracking

  • Dozens of on-demand video lessons

  • Easy-to-use interactive development environment

  • Tons of practice exercises to cement your knowledge

  • Automatic instructor feedback

  • Super helpful cheatsheets you’ll reference forever

  • Downloadable code & design samples

Personalized Support & Instructor Feedback

All from real live humans who care (no bots here!)


Our team of instructors and mentors are experts in their field and will give you all the personalized help you need throughout your entire tech skill learning process.

  • Automatically receive feedback on your work from expert instructors

  • Chat with your instructor during weekly live Q&A sessions

  • Get all your questions answered with 6 months of email support

  • Attend regular town halls with instructors & alumni

Real Time Curriculum Updates

Tech moves fast, but we move faster. Our curriculum team is constantly refreshing our courses to make sure you’re learning the most up-to-date information. We’ll make sure you’re focusing on the relevant tech skills and concepts being used in the real world, today.

An Encouraging Student Community

Connecting with fellow students is as easy as joining a group Q&A session or sending a message in the Skillcrush Slack community. You’ll be able to meet others going through a similar career change, which means you’ll always have a friend by your side to support you along the way and help you stay motivated.

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Are Specializations 
Courses for Me?

Specialization Courses Are For You If:

  • Know exactly what skill you need and what courses you should take

  • Want to add Python, Front End Development, UX Design, or Visual Design to your resume

  • Don’t need help finding your path in the tech industry

  • Are looking to build a new skill, not get help with job searching

  • Are already on your way to making a career change—or have already done it and just need to keep upskilling!

Specialization Courses Are NOT For You If:

  • Are looking to make a BIG career change and have no prior experience in tech (check out our Break Into Tech program instead!)

  • Want to try BOTH design and development classes to see what you like

  • Want a well-rounded tech education, instead of focusing exclusively on one skillset

  • Are feeling lost when it comes to job searching

  • Want individualized guidance on how to stand out to employers

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