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Why You Should Learn to Code

15 Ridiculously Awesome Reasons Why You Should Learn to Code

You’ve heard the advice, “everyone should learn to code.” But you’re not quite sold.

You don’t exactly self-identify as a tech-genius, and you’re nowhere near Silicon Valley. How do I know if this is right for me?

You’re probably worried about whether or not learning to code will even be worth it. I mean, with the amount of website building software out there, why should you learn how to code?

And that’s a great question.

But what if I told you that coding skills can open doors that you never knew existed? Doors that include not only customizing the socks off of website builders in ways you never thought possible, but also building completely custom applications that make all your “crazy ideas” realities?

And what if I told you that these new tech skills wouldn’t just blow clients and employers out of the water—they’d bring countless career opportunities (and paychecks!) within reach?

By learning coding skills, you get the opportunity to craft your own career path. Gone are the days when you had to report to your admin at 9 and clockout at 5. And with coding skills under your belt, you’ll never have to decide between pursuing a paycheck or fulfilling work.

Here are 15 ridiculously awesome reasons you should learn to code:

    • 1. Learning to code transforms your computer from a Pinteresting indulgence to a complete “office in a box”. You can open the door to opportunities that allow you to work from anywhere! Have laptop—will travel!




    • 4. Because you’re worth more than that boring office job for $12 an hour.


    • 5. No more wasting away on a waitlist for a designer or developer to get around to making those changes to your website.


    • 6. And along the above lines, no more shelling out hundreds to thousands of dollars for someone to make those changes to said website.


    • 7. Ditch the template for a truly standout website, portfolio, or email marketing goldmine (you name it!) built exactly the way you want it.


    • 8. You’ll skyrocket your problem-solving and critical thinking skills. In the Lost Interview with Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder said, “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”


    • 9. It’s a challenge. (In a good way!) Don’t buy into the myth that learning to code is too hard—if you’re eager to learn and willing to work hard, you’ll be writing code in no time.





    • 13. Communicate confidently with programmers, hand off your designs seamlessly to developers, and even bring more focused traffic to your blog or website. An understanding of code can help you even if you don’t plan to write code!



    • 15. You’ll have the freedom to design your own life.

You know you have more to offer and you’re ready to make a change. Let coding skills catapult you along your path to pursuing a life more in tune with the one you know you were meant to live.
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Libby Espeland

Libby is our Customer Support & Production Assistant. She's a 9-5 office escapee with a background in brand management and 'wow experience' cultivation.

Libby lives with her husband and crazy Husky in the middle of corn country, USA - Iowa! She's quite the podcast junky, tells stories with way too many hand gestures, and loves a good business book with a glass of wine.