How to Land Your First Job in Tech (Even if You Have No Experience or Computer Science Degree) [Webinar]

By: Lori Fimoff

Category: Blog, Career, Get Hired

About the Webinar

Let’s face it. Trying to land a job in tech can feel extremely intimidating, especially when you’re brand new to the tech world!

How can you compete with other job seekers when you don’t have a computer science degree?

How will you know when you’re ready to start job searching?

Where do you even look for a tech job?

In this webinar, How to Land Your First Job In Tech (Even if You Have No Experience or Computer Science Degree), Skillcrush founder and CEO Adda Birnir will answer all of these questions and more. She’ll give you actionable steps you can take to land your first tech job, and she’ll share insights on how to work through the self doubts and fears we ALL face.

After this can’t-miss webinar, you’ll be well on your way to landing the fulfilling, lucrative tech career you’ve been dreaming about!

You’ll Learn:

  • The critical mind shift you HAVE to make to succeed in tech
  • Common myths about tech workers and what the data ACTUALLY shows (you’ll be pleasantly surprised!)
  • Insider info on the top spots to search for tech jobs
  • How to land a job without prior experience OR a computer science degree
  • How to know when you’re ready to start your job search


Webinar Host

CEO & Founder, Skillcrush

Adda is the founder and CEO of Skillcrush, the country’s largest online education company focused on training women in technical topics and boasting an audience of more than 250,000 women learning life-changing digital skills.

Before founding Skillcrush, Adda ran a web design and development company that built websites for media clients such as The New York Times, ProPublica, the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, and MTV. She’s been named one of the “20 Women to Watch in Media” by the Columbia Journalism Review and one of the “30 Most Important Women in Tech” by Business Insider, and has been featured on the BBC, PBS, Fast Company, and Mashable.

Lori Fimoff

Lori is the Sales Content Specialist here at Skillcrush. A former sign language interpreter, Lori made the switch to the digital world several years ago and loves helping others do the same. Lori has a passion for storytelling and spends her spare time creating stop motion videos, dreaming up her next travel adventure, and singing any chance she gets (good thing her neighbors don’t seem to mind!).

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