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10 High-Paying Remote Tech Jobs YOU Are Qualified For

10 High-Paying Remote Tech Jobs YOU Are Qualified For

Brie Weiler Reynolds is a career advisor and the Director of Online Content at FlexJobs, the award-winning site for telecommuting, flexible schedule, and freelance job listings. She aims to provide practical information and resources to help people overcome their roadblocks and discover career happiness. With a background in human resources and career advising, Brie has 10 years experience working with job seekers and employers, and she offers career, hiring, and work-life balance advice through the FlexJobs Blog and social media.

If ever there were an industry with “work-from-home” written all over it, tech would be it. Only requiring a computer and lightning-fast Internet, tech jobs can be done from anywhere in the world and are no longer limited to being in a traditional office.

That’s why FlexJobs recently released its list of 76 virtual companies and distributed teams. While there were companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries that made the list, the five tech companies embody what today’s tech-driven workplace truly looks like: fast-paced, collaborative, and, most importantly, virtual.

While there are a lot of at-home tech jobs that require strong technical experience and expertise, there are also those that are more entry-level, or that support technology companies, but aren’t tech jobs themselves.

If you’re looking to dive into the world of tech, here are just a few telecommuting tech jobs you can choose from:

1. Web and Mobile Programmer

This entry-level position requires you to develop code for a variety of projects, and requires strong written and communication skills in addition to programming skills like Ruby on Rails, Drupal, or Coldfusion.

2. iOS Developer

You’ll develop iPad/iPhone applications. You’ll need to test usability and user interface software, and software engineering skills are required. This type of remote position sometimes requires occasional on-site meetings.

3. Ruby Developer

A Ruby developer works on development projects ranging from small apps to large systems. Previous personal or professional experience is needed.

4. Junior Web Designer & Developer

You’ll help design and produce web applications and websites using your expertise in HTML5, CSS3, C#, and ASP.NET MVC. Ideal candidates should be interested in jQuery and possess a basic knowledge of JavaScript.

5. DevOps Engineer

A person in this role works on cloud programs to produce applications that work across various environments. You should have one year of DevOps experience, and two years of experience with Ruby on Rails.

And if you’re interested in a tech-related job, but in a support role rather than in a highly-technical position, here are some options:

6. Technical Writer

In this entry-level position, you’ll draft and revise instructional materials. You’ll need previous experience and technical working knowledge in this remote job.

7. Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator (also called internet assessor) needs an in-depth knowledge of social culture, media, and web culture. These roles require that you be a good communicator and have high-speed Internet. These are typically part-time telecommuting positions.

8. Customer Service Representative

A customer service rep answers incoming calls, emails, and chat lines, enters data into the system, and assists clients with questions, orders, and troubleshooting technical issues.

9. User Experience Analyst

Also, known as UI/UX, user experience analysts evaluate web-based information and programs for bugs and usability, report research insights, and enhance design and development efforts.

10. Customer Success Engineer

You’ll be responsible for onboarding new clients, assisting with integration processes, providing product training, and giving additional support. This type of role requires a background in web development and some troubleshooting experience.