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10 Tech Jobs That Pay $100k or More

10 Tech Jobs That Pay $100K

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Have you ever felt like earning $100k was just completely out of reach? When you’re on the outside looking in, the thought of earning double or triple your salary can seem daunting. Won’t I need a law degree? Or a medical career? Or will I need to build the next big app?

While that last one might help you get there, earning $100k per year is definitely within reach if you work in tech, and for many of high paying jobs in the industry, you won’t even need to head back to school.

While you’ll need to build your skills and get some experience under your belt to start really raking in the dough, you can soon find yourself with a 6-figure position doing fascinating (and meaningful) work in the world of tech.

And before you start worrying about if you’re really cut out for tech—Am I too artistic? Not good enough at math? Not 21?—don’t worry. Even though tech might seem one-dimensional from the outside, there is actually a huge variety of work you can do with tech skills. From design to development and data to DevOps, a career that fits your interest with pay that will fill your bank account can really be within your reach.

Now, for many jobs in tech, just like anywhere, you’ll need experience to start earning the really big bucks. The difference is that in tech, the barrier to entry is much lower (think: 5 years and some ambition rather than 15 years and 3 degrees). And of course, the amount you earn can depend on where you live.

That said? Take a look at these 10 roles that can earn you $100,000—or more! And check out real job listings to get an idea of what you need to know to get the job *and* earn the big bucks!

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Web designer

If you’re the visual type and you get a kick out of creating all kinds of gorgeousness, web design is the place for you. An experienced senior web designer can make up to $103,000, and, as the job listing below shows, you don’t even need a CS degree to get a job like this.

Instead you’ll need to know web design, Photoshop, HTML and CSS, and JavaScript, and you’ll need a fabulous portfolio to show off your skills. It may take you several years to get there if you’re jumping in as a newbie, but it’s totally doable.

Check out this job now:
Sr. Web Designer, eBags (Greenwood Village, Colorado)

10 Tech Jobs that Pay $100k or more

UI/UX designer

UI (user interface) or UX (user experience) designers are experts in knowing what users want and need. They work to create sites and apps that are easy to use and keep visitors happy. Designers in both positions can make into the 6 figures, with UI designers’ salaries up to $106,000 and UX designers’ up to $121,000.

Your superpowers as a UI/UX designer will include wireframing, mock-ups, user research and analysis, and strong design fundamentals.

Check out this job now:
UX Designer, Plymouth Energy (Woodmere, New York)

Web developer

But maybe when it comes to working on the web, the design elements that go into creating an awesome site aren’t your cup of tea—maybe you’re more interested in actually building the site and writing the code that can make those designs real. As a web developer, you’ll be doing exactly that and, with experience, making as much as $105,000 a year.

Working as a web developer, you’ll create web pages and entire sites with technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, tools like Git and GitHub for version control, and development methods like agile. This is the right role for you if you’re into problem-solving to come up with the best code for the job and digging into details to improve your work and squash any bugs that pop up.

Check out this job now:
Front-end Developer, (New York, NY)

JavaScript developer

Specialize in one of the most in-demand coding languages out there now, and, with the right skills, you can find yourself with an awesome annual salary of $130,000. JavaScript lets you make dynamic sites and applications that users can easily interact with.

Add to that frameworks like Backbone.js, Angular.js, or Node.js and libraries like jQuery that let you create organized code more easily and quickly, and you’ll have employers knocking on your door.

Check out this job now:
JavaScript developer, Forum One (Alexandria, Virginia)

10 Tech Jobs that Pay $100k or more

Ruby on Rails developer

Right now, it can’t get any hotter—or more fun—than Ruby on Rails. It’s a web application framework written for the Ruby programming language that lets you make sites, web apps, and databases…and get paid up to $136,000!

Get into this kind of job with a foundation in Ruby and the command line. Then, jump into frameworks and databases and deployment and testing. Soon you’ll be ready to create genius custom web apps up there with the likes of Airbnb, Twitter, Hulu, Github, and Indiegogo.

Check out this job now:
Ruby on Rails developer, Baldwin Aviation (Hilton Head Island, South Carolina)

WordPress / PHP developer

What exactly is WordPress, you ask? Just the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS), with over 60 million sites built on it, including plenty of sites you know and love. Makes sense that knowing WordPress can let you rake in as much as $103,000 annually.

As a WordPress Developer, you’ll use WordPress and PHP (the language behind it) to make functional websites with all the bells and whistles that WordPress provides. And you’ll take advantage of plugins, themes, and API integration to power them even further.

Check out this job now:
WordPress web developer, Barrel (remote)

10 Tech Jobs that Pay $100k or more

Mobile developer

Is your phone’s home screen always sporting the latest and greatest new app? And are you constantly thinking about how you could create some apps yourself, and probably do it even better? Then mobile development might be for you. And I’m guessing you wouldn’t mind a $130,000 a year salary, right?

In your app developer career, you’ll of course be building for mobile operating systems like iOS and Android, but familiarity with UX, design, and web technologies like HTML and CSS and JavaScript will set you up for success in this job.

Since mobile is growing fast, it’s a great field to get into if you want to up your earning power fast.

QA Engineer

Quality assurance (QA) engineers are like the CSI’s of the tech world. They investigate every nook and cranny of sites or programs to make sure they’re functioning like they should, and they’re the ones who clear up the glitches that would otherwise have users ranting at their laptops. (Admit it—you’ve been known to “talk” to your machine every now and then, haven’t you?) Become a techy Sherlock, and you can make $102,000 with experience.

In QA, you’ll test and document all kinds of apps and software and analyze the results. If you’re super detail-oriented and have the patience to stick with a mystery until it’s solved, quality assurance is a great way to start your career in tech as well as a lucrative long-term role.

Check out this job now:
Sr. QA engineer, PeopleAdmin (Austin, Texas)


It may sound like an 80’s punk rock band (whip it good!), but DevOps (short for “development operations”) is actually a way to help development, operations, and quality work better together. Get into that area, and you can really profit with an annual salary of around $151,000.

Skills you’ll need in DevOps include programming languages (like JavaScript, PHP, or Ruby) and experience with systems administration, networking, deployment, and integration. Add to that outstanding communication and collaboration talents, and you’ll be set for this well-paying role that’s critical to complex tech projects.

Check out this job now:
DevOps engineer, Benefit Cosmetics (San Francisco, California)

10 Tech Jobs that Pay $100k or more

Data architect

Looking for the biggest of the big bucks? Data architecture is a field that will really let you bring home the bacon – and the caviar, truffles, and champagne too, if that’s what you’re hungry for — with a salary of up to $157,000 a year!

Data architects design and build data collection, processing, and storage systems. That means you’ll need to be a wizard with databases and storage options plus be a true logical and big-picture thinker while still coming up with creative solutions and managing the details. A demanding role for sure, but definitely an interesting one that’ll let you finally relax about your finances.

Check out this job now:
Data architect, ProKarma (Phoenix, Arizona)

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Salary estimates are for mid-career experience levels (unless otherwise mentioned) and based on information from PayScale

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