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Tracking Pixel

Tracking pixels are little 1x1 pixel images that allow you to keep track of how many users visit your website or see your advertisement.

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Tracking pixels are little 1×1 pixel images that allow you to keep track of how many users visit your website or see your advertisement.

Look, here is a tracking pixel for you to see:

Ooooh! Isn’t she just the cutest little tracking pixel you have ever seen?!

When you open this email and read about tracking pixels, one of the ways that we will know that you did so is that you will ask our server to download our little tracking pixel.

So, when an advertiser wants to know how many users see their ad they use a tracking pixel. What they do is embed a small, transparent PNG in their advertisement that the user can’t see but the advertiser can keep track of.

Each time a new person visits the website where the ad is, that user has to download the advertisement, including the 1×1 pixel transparent PNG. Everytime a user downloads the image, their computer sends a message to the advertiser’s server saying:

“Hey, send that pixel over to this computer at IP Address”

The server says, “Yes, ma’am,” sends the tracking pixel over to that IP Address, and makes a note of the event in its server logs.

At the end of the day (or week, or month), the advertiser looks at their server logs and counts up all the different IP Addresses who requested that tracking pixel; if 10,000 different IP Addresses requested the tracking pixel be sent to them, that means 10,000 people saw the ad.

[Pop Quiz: If the advertiser was paying $10 CPM how much money would they owe to the publisher?]

This is the same technology that allows web analytic services like Google Analytics and Chartbeat to tell how many people visited your site.

Cocktail Party Fact

Now that you know about tracking pixels, you should put them to work! If there is ever a web service that you use that doesn’t provide you with all the analytics you desire, you can employ tracking pixels to get the information you need.

Since a certain crowd-funding platform doesn’t provide users with information about how many people visit their project page (they only tell you how many people give you money!) a certain clever developer we know stuck a small transparent image onto his page and looked at his server logs to determine his project’s conversion rate (the number of people who visited the project page and gave money).

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  1. Ad Guerrilla Replied

    They don’t just ‘count up how many times,’ they track which IP addresses, how many duplicates, where those IPs are physically registered, which ISP owns those IPs etc etc etc. Tracking pixels are not innocuous

  2. Hello,

    Nice article ! And nice webdesign btw. I’m looking for a tutorial on how to implement pixel tracking in emails? Could someone help me with it?


  3. adblock-user Replied

    they could use the ad itself, but if there´s no ad they still want to count page-views, that´s my guess

  4. can’t they just do that using the ad itself? why would they need a pixel when the ad has to load as well?

    • WhataBunchofShi Replied

      Because the same ad may be used by numerous marketers that have a unique pixel assigned to them….

  5. Robert Drews Replied

    Sorry, I’m super late to this party. Besides looking at your own server records to see how many times the pixel was requested, who can you employ to host and record pixel tracking for you? I’m looking for a third party solution so we can provide accredited data on article impressions.

    • vdumitrica Replied

      You don’t need a “tracking pixel in a still image”, as the image itself is made out of hundreds or thousands of pixels. You can make the image itself to be tracked on the server side. The tracking pixel is an image itself, it just happens the image size is 1×1 pixels.

  6. Dave Replied

    Is there a way to tell (in email marketing) which subscriber clicked thru an ad to completion using a tracking pixel or just how many “people” landed on the Thank You page? Is there a way to tell Who on your list is clicking thru and Who isn’t?

    • Dimitar Replied

      Hey Dave.

      I’m using Ontraport and it certainly can do those things. So yes, it is possible. I’m sure other similar solutions can do it too.

  7. Guest Replied

    Being able to know how many impressions (which is what the tracking pixel measures…more or less) were served allows an advertiser to do a quick calculation to determine click through rate (CTR = clicks/impressions*1000) which is a measurement of effectiveness of the ad or campaign.

  8. Jess Replied

    Silly question, but why wouldn’t they just count the number of clicks they get on the ad/website/email? Why do they need the tracking pixel too?

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