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The Ultimate Guide to Coding for Beginners

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Sometimes the hardest thing about starting something new is knowing where to start. And, with all the programming languages and design technologies in use today, you definitely have plenty of paths to choose from when it comes to launching a digital career. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with The Ultimate Guide to Coding for Beginners.

This free, 57-page ebook is filled with everything you need to know to start your journey into the wonderful world of tech, from the skills you should learn to the jobs (and great salaries!) you can get once you’ve mastered them.

The guide includes:

  • A glossary of over 40 must-know tech terms with easy-to-understand definitions
  • A detailed explanation of the 6 foundational areas to learn first, no matter what area of tech you’d like to go into
    Spoiler alert: Once you’ve learned these skills, you’ll be ready for entry-level tech jobs or your first freelance clients!
  • A round-up of your specialization options—for both design and development—to level up your salary and career opportunities
  • A step-by-step roadmap to land your first tech job

You’ll also get checklists that break down each stage of your career, including:

  • Critical tech skills to learn
  • The most important tools you should know
  • Prices you can charge freelance clients
    Free learning resources you can use
  • Job titles and salaries you can get

Plus, you’ll read real-life success stories of people just like you who went from newbie to superstar in tech after learning with us here at Skillcrush. And our CEO, Adda Birnir, will share exclusive tips on how to fast-track your learning, what you can reasonably charge as a freelancer, and how to know when you’re ready for a job in tech.

So, download your very own copy of The Ultimate Guide to Coding for Beginners and take your first steps toward your new tech career today!

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Get Our Free Ultimate Guide to Coding for Beginners

Make a plan for learning the tech skills you need to land a new job with this 60+ page FREE ebook!

Kelli Smith

Kelli worked in international logistics and then freelanced for years as a corporate language trainer and translator before following her passion and making a career change into tech - in her mid-40's!

She was both one of the first Skillcrush students and one of the first Skillcrush team members, starting as our customer support manager and now serving as our Operations (aka HR) Manager, a writer for our blog, and a career counselor.

Kelli is a Texan living in Finland who loves tech, podcasts, Corgis, emoji, gifs, and, most of all, practicing for and going to catalan style line dancing events all around Europe.