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How to Get a Remote Job You Love


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What does it really take to land a high-paying remote job?

When someone tells you they have a remote job, what’s the first thing you think of? Answering customer service calls for a company 1,000 miles away? Entering data on a million miles of spreadsheets for a health conglomerate? Or maybe you just think of selling makeup out of your minivan.

There’s nothing wrong with all those jobs – if they meet your needs, then you’re in good shape – but these days, “remote job” can mean something totally different. In 2015:

  • You can get a dynamic remote job, where you get to talk to other humans all day, even though you’re sitting in your home office.
  • You can get an exciting and fulfilling remote job, working on the cutting edge (said it) of startups and brands.
  • You can be a key factor in a company’s success, right from your couch. And last but not least, you can make good money as a remote worker.

Clocking in at your kitchen counter doesn’t have to mean sacrificing job security, benefits, or high pay.

In fact, remote jobs can offer all that and more. When you aren’t confined to an office schedule, you can tweak your situation to suit your needs. Maybe you want to take a long weekend and work from the airport. No problem. Or you need to take approximately 11 breaks per day to pick your children up and drop them off. Or maybe you want to live in a part of the world that doesn’t specialize in your industry.

Remote workers are flexible workers.

Are you noticing a trend? Remote jobs can be just like your standard, established office jobs, except they are fluid, dynamic – flexible.

And that means that you have to be flexible too.

Getting a remote job isn’t just a matter of picking up all your current job skills and dropping them into a remote position. A remote job actually requires different, and probably more skills than the local version. But that’s only because we’re used to working in a static office, where your supervisor is right down the hall, your team is next door, and lunch is at high noon.

But when you’re connected to your coworkers via Skype and you all live in different timezones, you have to learn to communicate in a new way. If a traditional job requires timeliness, attention to detail, and organization, a remote one also needs:

  • Awareness of time zones and schedules, a.k.a., geographical sensitivity.
  • Discipline.
  • Planning and organization.
  • Serious time management skills.

And those are just some of the soft skills you need to transform into an in-demand remote worker that employers will love.

But what EXACTLY do you need to do to transform yourself into one of these flexible, supercharged ninja remote workers with employers chasing after you?

It depends.

In this Ultimate Guide, we’re filling you in on EVERYTHING you need to learn to be an in-demand remote worker, whether you’re a content creator, a freelance WordPress developer, or even an online educator. In the guide, we took a long hard look at our remote team here at Skillcrush, and we analyzed what we do to work remote. Download the guide to find:

  • A customized breakdown of how to be a remote writer, marketer, educator, customer service rep, web designer, product designer, or web developer
  • 7 Checklists for what to learn to upgrade into a remote worker
  • How Skillcrush’s remote team gets things done
  • A plan for learning the valuable tech skills you NEED to land a high-paying remote job

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to never get anything dry-cleaned every again have a flexible job you LOVE?

Get our FREE Guide to Landing a Remote Job You Love

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    Can’t seem to get the download in my email — checked, and it’s not in spam. Is there a bug? Thanks!

    • skillcrush Replied

      So sorry you didn’t get the download! Sometimes it takes a little while to come thru. But, if you can just send us a quick email to hello@skillcrush:disqus .com, we can email you the pdf instead. :)

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