Learn Ruby

Today, we bring you a list of learning Ruby resources!

Yesterday we told you that if you are going to learn one language, you should learn JavaScript. Today, we bring you a list of learning Ruby resources! Feeling confused?

If you are only going to learn one programming language, we do advocate that you focus on JavaScript. But at the end of the day, if you are planning to have a longstanding love affair with tech (and we hope you do!) then you definitely wouldn’t want to restrict yourself to just one language.

What is that old saying…you gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince? Well, we think that you should definitely kiss both JavaScript and Ruby. Plus, the two languages love to work together so the skills are definitely complementary.

Ruby is an ideal beginner-programmer language. In fact, if you are in it for the long run and know you will be putting in the time to learn several languages, you might consider starting with Ruby. It’s a pleasure to read, fun to write, and once you get through installing it on your computer you can write awesome Ruby programs within minutes!


Try Ruby
Before you commit to learning Ruby, give it a whirl at Try Ruby. Try Ruby is an interactive learning experience originally built by _why and is now maintained by Code School. On the site, two wayward foxes will help you learn the fundamentals of the Ruby language. You have to try it to believe it.

Download & Install

Ruby Language & Installation Guide
Once you have decided to commit to this delightful language, your next step is to get Ruby up and running on your own computer. Start by downloading the language, and then hop over to to read how to install it. As you install, you will need to diligently follow the instructions to a T. Don’t be surprised if things go awry, it’s part of the fun (and the challenge).


_why’s poignant guide to ruby
Download this treasure to your phone, Kindle, or print the whole thing out and just carry it with you. Seriously, you are going to read this book for plot. Oh and you might learn a programming concept or ten.


Learn Ruby the Hard Way
This book, based on the classic Learn Python the Hard Way, assumes no prior programming experience and will get you familiar with the vocabulary, syntax, and structure of Ruby. As an added bonus, the free web version of the book features lots of interesting comments.

Web Resources
A collaborative website full of Ruby language documentation. If you have something you want to accomplish in your web app, but aren’t sure if there is a method to your madness, look here!


Hackety Hack
If you are hankering for more web-based interactives, head on over to Hackety Hack for a whole suite of Ruby learning exercises.