5 Freelance Projects That Can Earn You $500 Or More

By: Kelli Smith

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It’s November already, and you know what that means. The holiday season is just around the corner. If you’re not the craftiest person in the world, and DIY s’more kits aren’t an option for you, that means it’s time to break open your piggy bank for all the gifts you have to buy and parties you want to go to.

How’s this for an idea? Turn your tech skills into cash, not to mention experience for your resume and material for your portfolio.

You can bring home some extra bacon doing projects that don’t require guru-level genius or even getting off the couch – much less quitting your day job or giving up your social life. All you need to do is a bit of online searching for a gig that’s right for you, and then you can start putting your tech talents to work.

Here are 5 options to get you started plus real-world examples. These can all earn you $500 or more so you can finally end the year without more credit card debt but with some excellent experience under your belt and, hopefully, lots of happy holiday memories.

  • Brand a small business
    Project: restaurant branding – $591If you’re a Photoshop whiz and have an eye for design, you can help a local company establish their brand identity.Find out about the business and put together a package for it that includes moodboards, color palettes, logo options, and typography choices. Or take it up a notch and perform user persona and user flow analysis and then create user flows, sitemaps, and even wireframes.
  • Create a marketing email
    Project: marketing e-blast – $799Have you noticed that some emails nowadays are actually good-looking and fun to read? That’s thanks to people like you with writing and design chops (along with maybe some HTML basics to get the job done).So, put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – and come up with some catchy copy. Then, make it look as good as it sounds. And, voila! You’ve got a marketing email that’s sure to make money for both your client and you!
  • Build a simple website
    Project: portfolio site – $500-$1000In today’s world, if you’re not online, you almost don’t exist. But not everyone is able to make their own digital presence.You can help them with just the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. Plenty of people need basic websites, and you can code them up in no time at all and make a pretty penny too.
  • Keep site content up-to-date
    Project: blog content maintenance – $500/month (for 1 hour/weekday)You don’t always have to create something new to make some money in tech. Website content always needs updating so it’s a quick and easy ways to keep up your skills and bring up your bank balance.And you might even be able to up the ante further if you can do some Photoshop, video editing, or copywriting for the site too.
  • Develop a WordPress site
    Project: website re-creation – $1500When you know the world’s most popular CMS, WordPress, your choice of projects and the money you can earn from them will really take off.Take advantage of having in-demand skills and bring in bigger bucks developing sites with multiple pages and content management features.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let the holidays sneak up on your budget again this year! You can get the funds you need with the skills you already have.

Or, if these projects are still out of reach for you, you change all that by starting with our free Skillcrush 10-Day Bootcamp.

And then check out our Skillcrush Career Blueprints, where you’ll learn all about web design, web development, and WordPress so you can be everyone’s favorite gift-giver next year!

Kelli Smith

Kelli worked in international logistics and then freelanced for years as a corporate language trainer and translator before following her childhood passion and making a career change into tech - in her mid-40's!

She was both one of the first Skillcrush students and one of the first Skillcrush team members, starting as our customer support manager and now serving as our Senior Operations (aka HR and admin) Manager.

Kelli is a Texan living in Finland who loves podcasts, Corgis, emoji and gifs, diet Dr. Pepper, and – whenever possible – practicing for and going to catalan style line dancing events all around Europe.

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