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17 Awesome Things To Do With The Ruby Programming Language

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  1. Make an app that texts you every time Brad Pitt tweets.
  2. Scrape any website on the Internet with only a few lines of code (seriously, it’s soooo easy).
  3. Play Hackety Hack.
  4. Spend your days stockpiling Gems.
  5. Make fancy client websites with awesome CMSes like Radiant CMS.
  6. Do test driven development like the RSpec badass you are.
  7. Teach your kids Kids Ruby.
  8. Write lines of code that actually read like English (almost): 5.times {print “Ruby is awesome!”}
  9. Quickly deploy an app prototype using Heroku.
  11. Become a Ruby Warrior.
  12. Build a Twitterbot that tweets sweet nothings to people having a bad day.
  13. Become a RailsGirl.
  14. Gain more masculine confidence, courtesy of Paul Dix & Thundergod.
  15. Work on Basecamp, Shopify, Urban Dictionary, Slideshare, White Pages, Hulu, Twitter, or one of the thousands of websites built with Ruby.
  16. Make an average salary of $102,000! That’s the average salary of a Ruby software developer according to Indeed.com’s salary calculator. Whaaaat.
  17. Work with a programming language that is designed to make YOU happy.


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  1. Chuck Underwood Replied

    Just as an FYI number 11 links to a blank page. :)

    • Kelli Orrela Replied

      Thanks for the heads-up, Chuck. The link’s been updated now… Enjoy! :)

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