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CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the language that makes the web look nice.

While HTML tells the browser what different parts of the page are, CSS says what those pieces should look like. For example, p means paragraph in HTML. If we wanted to make all of our paragraphs pink and bold, we’d do something like:

p { color:pink; font-weight:bold; }

CSS is written in a plain text editor and saved with a .css at the end of the filename. CSS lets you add color, fancy fonts, drop shadows, padding and everything else hip and stylish to a web page.

Want to guess how we’d add a 10 pixel border to a paragraph, and then turn the background color red? You got it!

p { padding:10px; background-color: red; }

See! CSS is not so hard, it’s practically common sense.

Now try this!
  1. Open up http://skillcrush.com/css/style.css This is an old CSS stylesheet for skillcrush.com
  2. Poke around and see if you can find out what font we were using for our paragraphs
Cocktail Party Fact

Much to the chagrin of web developers everywhere, different web browsers can understand the same CSS differently. As a result, making a site look the same for everyone can sometimes be a chore.

Getting sites to look right on older versions of Internet Explorer can sometimes double the time spent on CSS! Mention IE6 to a web developer to watch them break out in hives.

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  1. Acme Gamers Replied

    Well, according to me it is my initial step towards computer coding and if I know this website before I would already have masterd all of the stuff present here. Skill crush thanks for all of the knowledege you provide here.

  2. Anonymous Replied

    Wow, looking at the old CSS stylesheet it brought me back to my high school years when I took a computer coding class and we had to write things like that out and I knew nothing about it at all. I went in the class blindly and finished the class not understanding it because everything was confusing and the instructor was not easy to work with. 

  3. kdenis Replied

    I’m so thankful for this site. I can tell I will benefit from learning through skillcrush.

  4. chanel.gillespie Replied

    I can see myself very interested In this universe.
    So glad this is offered for beginners. Peace and Thanks

  5. JRivera Replied

    Using IE at all makes me break out in hives. I can’t imagine it for someone on the backend. 

  6. susanlong Replied

    This is all new information for me. I knew I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I can see it will grow exponentially! 

  7. NellieG Replied

    This is great.  I knew the information but didn’t it was called CSS.  

  8. singapoorboy Replied

    Does spacing matters? Example, (font-weight:bold;) is the same as (font-weight: bold;)?

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