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5 Skills Every Employer Wants You to Know

Do you want to become employee catnip?

That person the hiring manager is dreaming of? Someone who is just right for the job?

I know, I know. Of COURSE you do. But how do you go from scrambling after any job you can get to deciding between multiple offers? 

Do you remember the old classic, You've Got Mail? Back when chat rooms were safe and your computer screen only had two colors? Well, I'm sure in those days it was important for Meg Ryan to list "computers" as a skill on her resume, but in 2014 things are a little different.

And if GPAs don't matter and word processing skills aren't impressive anymore, what will make your resume float to the top of the pile? How can you stand out?

These days, "knowing email" doesn't just mean you can fire off messages till the cows come home, and graphic design isn't just for designers.

On this week's episode of SkillcrushTV, I share the 5 most IN-DEMAND skills that employers are looking for. And don't worry, they're not the old stand-bys like "people skills" and "a can-do attitude." I'm talking about useful, tangible skills you use every day when you sit down at your computer.

And don't worry! Some of these skills might take some practice, but I'm willing to bet that you already know a few of them, even if you didn't realize they were SO valuable.

Watch today's episode, and learn how to get the top 5 skills employers LOVE, or just learn how to talk about the chops you already have. Go on, make those hiring managers fight over you.

Adda Birnir

Adda is the CEO and founder of Skillcrush. She lives in Queens, NY with her husband and young son.