Easter Egg

By: Skillcrush

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Common examples of Easter eggs include secret menus in DVD’s, games found in word processing software, or in-jokes hidden in computer programs. They get their name from being hidden like the eggs in an Easter egg hunt!

Easter eggs are a long-standing tradition in the tech community. Way back in 1967, early computer scientists programmed their mainframe computer to respond to the command “make love” with the question “not war?”. Early video game programmers commonly inserted their names into their software; the term Easter egg was coined after video game designer Warren Robinett wrote his name in a secret room in the 1979 game Adventure.

As computers got more powerful and software became more complex, so did the Easter eggs. In Microsoft Word for Office 97, typing the word blue and styling it a certain way reveals an entire pinball game!

Ever asked Google Maps for directions between New York and Japan? Looks like you’re kayaking across the Pacific Ocean!

Now try this!

  1. Open up https://skillcrush.com
  2. Poke around to find our little Easter egg! Hint: I’ve left my shadow

Cocktail Party Fact

Until 2002, Microsoft Office had amazing Easter eggs, from funny tips to a flight simulator. As part Microsoft’s “Trustworthy Computing” initiative, though, it decided that Easter eggs would no longer be allowed – even hiding something fun counted as untrustworthy!


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