11 Online Portfolios That Are Sure to Inspire

By: Kit Warchol

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Online portfolios are crucial when you’re applying for almost any role, but especially if you’re interested in building a career in tech.

Whether you’ve worked as a web designer or web developer previously or you are brand new to the field, building a beautiful and coherent online portfolio site will separate you from the competition. Here are 11 of our favorite portfolio site designs, plus some great tips for how to build one of your own from portfolio site templates to how to use mock projects to demonstrate your skills when you’re entry-level.

Note: This article was updated and refreshed in January 2019. 

Kyle Decker / Best Web Designer Portfolio Site


Beautiful, minimal portfolio site design. Kyle Decker’s online portfolio site is simple and to the point with only two navigation options: Work and About.

Kyle Decker portfolio site

Archer Studio / Best Multimedia Portfolio Site


Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with your portfolio site design, especially if you work in visual design or another image-heavy field. This portfolio website from Archer Studio is also a great example of how you can lead with your work, reserving additional details for an About page deeper in your site.

Archer Studio Portfolio Site

Joy Fonderson / Best UX Design Portfolio Site


After studying UX design here at Skillcrush, Joy Fonderson launched this site to showcase her best projects. Professional and chock full of case studies, this is a great example of how to break down big projects into bite-sized explanations on a portfolio site.

Allison Roman / Best Multi-hyphenate/General Creative Portfolio Site


Allison Roman is the author of Dining In, which means she’s both a writer and a chef. This portfolio site is a great example of how to showcase work, press coverage, and even play up a new project (such as a recently published book) in visually distinct ways. Because Roman is very active on social media, there’s also a clear callout on the site for following her on Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Best portfolio site for general creatives


Lavender Turtle / Best Portfolio Site for Web Developers


Tasha (the woman behind Lavender Turtle Creative) is another Skillcrush alum who’s leveraged her web development and coding skills to build a portfolio site of her own. We think this is a great example of how to position yourself as a freelancer—she clearly plays up the services she offers in addition to showcasing past work. Since her work is less visual than some professions, she’s done a nice job designing for type and working story into her portfolio site.

Lavender Turtle portfolio site

Eva Goicochea / Best Portfolio Site for Content Strategists


Eva is the founder of various companies including Maude and Tinker Watches, but she started as a creative strategist, working with dozens of brands including a full-time role at Everlane leading social media, culture and talent. If you’re looking for a way to showcase your work in content strategy, digital marketing, or social media, this is a great approach.

Wild Logic / Best Portfolio Site for Illustrators and Visual Designers


Yep, this incredible site also comes from one of our alums, this time a graduate of our Visual Design course. Edinah (the woman behind Wild Logic) does a beautiful job playing up her aesthetic skills and unique brand. The site is also on-brand with her other social channels, making linking between them feel seamless.

Wild Logic Portfolio Site

HR Dept. of Design / Best for Designers


We love the combination of “who we are”,  negative space, then a gorgeous feed of projects.

Best visual and text portfolio site

Mike Kus / Best One-Page Portfolio Site (Ish)


The best part about this? Clicking on a project doesn’t take you from the homepage—it opens a beautiful pop-up. We like a portfolio site that keeps things simple. Another plus: the immediate links to Dribbble, Instagram, and Twitter.

Graphic Designer portfolio site

She Was Only / Best for When You’re Bored with Standard Portfolio Sites


Sometimes the way up is sideways. Proof: this beautiful horizontally oriented site by She Was Only. Scroll through her projects via some very charming left and right arrows.

Horizontal Design Portfolio Site

Mine! (Kidding. Sort of.) / A Text-Only Portfolio Site Example


This is just a friendly reminder that if you’re a writer, social media coordinator, digital marketer, or other content-focused person, you don’t necessarily need all the visuals, but you do need an online portfolio site. Cue the minimal portfolio site. There are ways to make things look professional without all the hi-res images of food (although Allison Roman’s dishes do look really good.)—usually a few good fonts will do just fine.

Text only portfolio site

woman in glasses with hand on face, thinking

Is Tech Right For you? Take Our 3-Minute Quiz!

You Will Learn: If a career in tech is right for you What tech careers fit your strengths What skills you need to reach your goals

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Kit Warchol

Kit Warchol is the Head of Content for Skillcrush and writes for magazines and sites including Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Girlboss, and others in her spare time. After teaching herself to code at the height of the recession (heyo, 2009), she worked as a web designer at various tech startups, then took a Senior Project Development role at the University of Southern California before diving back into writing full-time. Before joining us, she served as the Editorial Director of Career Contessa, a career advice site for women.

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