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Send Christina to Hacker School

Today is a very special day here at Skillcrush because we get to introduce you to one of our favorite people: Christina Thompson.

We first met Christina a few months ago when she enrolled in our Skillcrush 101 class. As is the case with some students, Christina just stood out. Her enthusiasm and energy was evident in every interaction we had with her and we were amazed to see the evolution of her portfolio over the course of the three weeks.

When we are feeling a little romantic and saucy over here at Skillcrush HQ we like to imagine that what we are is matchmakers, not teachers. We are setting up our students with their first bit of coding and then sitting back and praying that the first date goes well. Sometimes it’s a little bumpy, but when it takes! Ooh la la! It’s the beginning of a lifelong love affair.

Well Christina fell in love. Hard. So much so that after completing our course, she realized that she wanted to go all in and enroll in a full-time program.

So what did she do to make that happen? She thought like the technologist she is, and figured out that she could use code to accomplish her goals.

Christina launched a new site called “Send Christina to Hacker School” where she outlines the top 10 reasons why she is a perfect match for Hacker School (<3 Reasons #6 & #2). A site she designed and coded with her newfound mix of grit, HTML & CSS skillz.

And guess what? You can help! Christina believes that if she gets a critical mass of likes on the page, Hacker School can’t help but let her in.

Send Christina to Hacker School!