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There's an informal movement among tech companies to practice a new brand of radical transparency where they share everything from their revenue, costs, and even salaries, with everyone inside—and at times outside—the company.

The hope is to give employees more information, and a greater sense of control over themselves and their work. In this episode, we cover how we practice transparency at Skillcrush and speak to tech CEOs Josh Pigford and Bea Arthur to find out what it's like to bare your (company's) soul to the world. Bottom line: If you're looking to change careers, you should demand transparency wherever you land next. You deserve it.



"Transparency goes hand in hand with including more people in the decision making process, and holding higher ups accountable. Transparency means a seat at the table." —Adda Birnir

"Telling the truth is sanitizing. Being transparent holds me accountable to my employees in my decision making. Sunlight really is the greatest antiseptic. " —Adda Birnir

"If you look at women, like the reason that they're uncomfortable negotiating is because they get penalized for negotiating. So of course they don't negotiate." —Ellen Pao  

"Negotiation is hard. It's stressful for so many people because no one teaches you how to do that unless you go seek out how to do that. There's so many things tied to it you know it's your livelihood. It's an unnecessary anxiety and you're rewarding skills that you don't need for the job." —Caro Griffin

"I was really going through it. And, the best thing that happened, the best best thing that happened when the company closed was the so many people reached out to me, people that I didn’t even, people that were more acquaintances or people that I never met in person, and were like, this happened to me, I know what it’s like, it’s gonna be okay." —Bea Arthur

"You deserve the respect and security of knowing what’s actually going on. You deserve control. You deserve a seat at the table and you deserve to have all the same information everyone else has." —Adda Birnir


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