Resume Secrets You Need to Know to Get Hired

Resume Writing Secrets You Need to Know to Get Hired
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Get Our FREE Guide to the Perfect Resume

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Do you ever feel like the typical formula for getting a great job is falling apart?

When many of us graduated from high school, you could type up a resumé, print it on marbled paper (spritzing it with perfume was optional but recommended, according to Elle Woods), write a cover letter, and start interviewing.

And I don’t know about you, but those same old job search tools haven’t done me a lot of good in the last couple years. I mean, I got my last job offer via Gchat.

These days, hiring managers have more pressure on them than ever, and often they don’t even read your resume, let alone spend time with a printed copy. They’re too busy sorting through hundreds of email applications, PDF attachments, LinkedIn profiles, and long, wordy cover letters.

But don’t get too excited—that doesn’t mean we can give up resumes entirely. It means we need to get smarter about writing resumes that end up in the right hands.

Resumes that stand out, float to the top of the pile, and end up on the desk of the person who will hire you.

And if you’re anything like me, you’re taking a long, hard look at that trusty old resume and thinking, I know I need to update this, but where do I start?

Or maybe you make changes to your resume all the time, but it just keeps growing and becoming more and more unwieldy. Well, in this fast-moving job market, and especially in tech, it’s SUPER important to have a streamlined, polished resume in your back pocket.


  • How to write a new resume in 15 minutes or less
  • How to make your resume fit on one page (without losing your marbles)
  • What to include in your resume (and what to delete)
  • How to add the “secret sauce” to your resume, so it stands out from the crowd
  • Exactly how to format and submit your resume so it gets read


Get Our FREE Guide to the Perfect Resume

Get Our FREE Guide to the Perfect Resume

Learn how to write resumes that get you HIRED with our FREE, 30+ page ebook.

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  1. furtdsolinopv Replied

    You made some clear points there. I did a search on the subject and found most people will agree with your site.

  2. Jaxon Replied

    Posts like this brgithen up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

    • bswanick Replied

      Hey Sandra! You should be able to see the guide now and download it right below the main blog image. Let me know if you can’t get it!

  3. TracyTra Replied

    I haven’t read the guide yet as I just had it sent to my email, but fitting four pages on to one for me will be tough. I’ve got a number of years of graphic design, web design, and front-end development experience, both on the job and freelance. The experience I have is very hard to fit on one page (if I use the full everything, it goes to 3.5 pages, counting my education).

    I’ve had recruiters tell me to fit it all on one, and then others tell me “oh no, fitting it on one is outdated, or better suited to someone who is entry level… ” and they’ve also told me that the best candidates… the ones who get snapped up, put lots of detail in their job descriptions…. especially detail that matches things in a skills summery and/or tech summary area(s) on their resumes…. i.e. they’re not just fluffing up a skills listing and not showing anything in their jobs that match those skills (rather like throwing in keywords on a meta tag, and then not having any content on the page that matches it… big red flag in search engines…. also big red flag on resumes!).

    Will be interesting to read the take on that in the guide.

  4. Replied

    Thanks for the great information. I just finished the webinar and was looking over the ‘Code your way to $1k’ workbook. I enjoy blogging and the inter-workings of a website. With my back injury I have had a difficult time finding a way to produce and income. 

    I started taking college DBMS classes this past summer and hope to fit the blueprints in as I get more established with the DBMS classes. Taking the college classes gave me a chance to have a little cash, (b/c I have no income), to be able to start putting a little back to be able to take these classes.

    The materials that are offered here are very informative and meaningful.

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