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6 More Sites That Have Gorgeous Mobile Designs

The rise of the smartphone means that a lot of people use their phone for looking at web content the majority of the time. According to Pew Internet, 55 percent of Americans said they’d used a mobile device to access the internet in 2012. And then 31 percent said mobile was the primary way they access the web.  That was two years ago! This is a large and growing audience whose needs aren’t being met by traditional desktop experiences. Plus, teens are totally all about their phones with 50 percent of teen smartphone owners, aged 12-17, saying they use the internet mostly on their cell phone, according to a 2013 Pew Internet report on Teens and Technology. Similarly, 45 percent of young adults aged 18-29 reported in 2012 that they mostly go online with a mobile device.

Basically all these percentages are reinforcing the fact that mobile is where it’s at which means design is of the utmost importance. According to another survey, users are five times more likely to abandon the task they are trying to complete if the site isn’t optimized for mobile use, with 79 percent saying they will go back to search and try to find another site to meet their needs.

Here are six sites that have nailed it on mobile:



Net-A-Porter is one of the first  e-luxury shopping destinations and with so many people exclusively shopping online you bet this site better have the goods.




This modern furniture store is fun, bright and simple, just like its products.



Of course, looking at girls in their underwear is always nice, but this one is  especially user-friendly.



This fastly growing company redid their mobile design just this past fall and they did a great job. According to TechCrunch the purpose was to better empower its hosts to manage their listings. Founder Brian Chesky said the mobile launch represents the next iteration of its product roadmap, as the company seeks to provide better tools for connecting guests who need short-term lodging with hosts who have a room or apartment to spare.



This men’s clothing site, which recently expanded to include women, offers the same features and functionality as the Bonobos website while providing more convenient service for mobile shoppers. The customized mobile version is designed for easy browsing, check-out, and click to call.

“Our Mobify partnership extends the Bonobos service, convenience and experience to customers regardless of the device they shop with,” said Bonobos CEO and cofounder, Andy Dunn. “As an e-commerce company, providing mobile accessibility has been an anticipated next step that we are thrilled to have reached.”

“Mobile users demand a tailored experience,” said Mobify CEO Igor Faletski. “Through this technology, Bonobos customers have a store in the palm their hand.”



The brand may not be as strong as it used to be, but their mobile design is damn good.