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There's so much at stake when it comes to finding a job—it's your livelihood, how you spend your entire days, the amount of money you make, and a major way to contribute to the world.

And, the job search has so many minefields: Where do you even look for jobs? How do you know if you're qualified? What should you put on your resume? And how do you handle the interview? For this episode, we partnered with the biggest name in job hunting—Glassdoor, whose editorial director Amy Elisa Jackson walks us through the nitty-gritty of landing a job. (And, check out our guide with bonus information from Amy Elisa on nailing the job hunt

And in Act II, we address the part of the job search that nobody likes: networking. The inimitable Jen Dziura of Get Bullish convinces our most stubborn producer that networking isn't just a necessary evil—it's actually fun.



"It is very much a job seeker's market right now: The unemployment rate is low, companies are hiring like crazy and they want talented, engaged individuals to join their ranks, and this is true from Alabama to Austin to—you know—Syracuse. Everywhere is hiring right now. So the ball is really in the job seeker's court. It's a good time to be working in America." —Amy Elisa Jackson, Glassdoor

"Interviewing for jobs is like dating. Networking is just about making friends. And just like dating and making friends it’s complicated and messy, but also exciting and fun." —Adda Birnir, Skillcrush

"All recruiters and hiring managers love a well organized and formatted resume. It should be very clear, very concise—don't go crazy with etsy downloadable templates—I love them too but fight the feeling." —Amy Elisa Jackson, Glassdoor

"There's nothing wrong with having a business and wanting customers who pay you money for value that you provide."—Jen Dziura, Get Bullish

"If your grandmother did not teach you, a thank you note goes a long way. You want to stay on their minds and reinforce why you’re a perfect fit for the job." —Amy Elisa Jackson, Glassdoor

"There’s a really big difference between networking events and networking, and I think there are a lot of other options that are more palatable and more honest, more enjoyable, and involve sitting. More sitting."—Jen Dziura, Get Bullish

"Write down those hard and soft skills, those skills that you have. There's nothing better than a boost when you're kind of looking at a sheet of paper that's got all your skills and you're like, 'You know what? I'm kind of a badass, like I do have something to offer!'"—Amy Elisa Jackson, Glassdoor 


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