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Web Design: Where Creativity & Technology Meet

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Web designers are innovative chameleons who also code the websites they design! As digital artisans who use multiple skills to bring their creations to life, they understand what’s needed to make a website functional, appealing, and easy to use.

The good news is that web design is easy to learn and great for beginners. In this online course you will learn all of the skills you need to become a web designer.

Course Outline

Prerequisites: None

  • Class 1

    Web Design Fundamentals Icon

    Skillcrush 100

    Web Design Fundamentals

    In this class, you’ll learn web design step-by-step, beginning with how to plan a web design project from start to finish, how to design a friendly user experience, and how to create a gorgeous web design everyone will love! And, in keeping with digital and mobile device trends, you will also learn how to design mobile-first, responsive websites. By the end of this course you will know all the foundational skills professional web designers must know including— but not limited to—typography, color, layout, responsive design, and how to use popular web design software.

    You'll Learn:

    • Layout & Navigation
    • Color & Typography
    • User Interface (UI) Design
    • Responsive Design
    • Web Design Software

  • Class 2

    HTML & CSS Icon

    Skillcrush 101

    HTML & CSS

    HTML and CSS are the building blocks of the web and the cornerstones of front end development. In this class, you will learn how to structure, code, and launch your very own website from scratch. You will also learn how to take advantage of the modern web development tools that come baked into all major web browsers to make writing code and building beautiful websites easier than you ever imagined!

    You'll Learn:

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Domains & Hosting

  • Class 3

    Git, GitHub, and The Command Line Icon

    Skillcrush 105

    Git, GitHub, and The Command Line

    Professional developers may not agree on much, but they do ALL agree about one thing: version control. In this course you will learn how to use the world’s most popular version control system, Git, to track all your coding projects. Learn how to use Git via your computer’s command line and back everything up online using the service Github. You’ll also get practice installing Git, creating code repositories, and sharing your code with other developers.

    You'll Learn:

    • Git
    • GitHub
    • Command Line

  • Class 4

    Coding Responsive Websites Icon

    Skillcrush 206

    Coding Responsive Websites

    In this class, you'll learn the development process for Mobile First, including how to set up your code according to industry standards, use media queries to set breakpoints for different screen sizes, make responsive typography and images, and how to code responsive layouts using Flexbox.

    You'll Learn:

    • Responsive Typography
    • Flexbox
    • Media Queries
    • Standard Breakpoints

Tools you will learn:

  • Adobe XD

    A powerful tool for creating simple website layouts called wireframes, along with interactive website prototypes.


    A text editor (like Atom) is a type of software used to write plain text without formatting, which is often used for coding and programming.


    A collection of developer tools built right into the (free!) Google Chrome browser, this tool will allow you to inspect and troubleshoot HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


    You’ll connect with your classmates and instructors in Slack, a messaging and collaboration tool used by thousands of digital teams worldwide.


Your Web Design Portfolio

By the end of this course, you’ll have learned how to design and code up your very own responsive website using the following skills:

  • User Interface Design

    User Interface Design Icon
    User Interface Design Icon

    User Interface Design

    UI design encompasses the design of any software interface including, yes, websites!

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Design Icon
    Responsive Design Icon

    Responsive Design

    Responsive web design is the practice of designing user interfaces to work seamlessly across all desktop & mobile devices.

  • Layout & Typography

    Layout & Typography Icon
    Layout & Typography Icon

    Layout & Typography

    At its core, the web is about the transmission of text, which is why your layouts & typography must be on point.

  • Web design software

    Web design software Icon
    Web design software Icon

    Web design software

    Great web designers deserve the best tools, meaning the most up-to-date web design software.

  • HTML & CSS

    HTML & CSS Icon
    HTML & CSS Icon

    HTML & CSS

    The first two coding languages every future developer should learn, HTML and CSS are known as the "building blocks" of the web.

  • One Page Website

    One Page Website Icon
    One Page Website Icon

    One Page Website

    You will become a master in designing, coding & launching amazing one page websites.

After completing the program, you will earn:

The Skillcrush Web Design Course

Official Web Design Certificate


Showcase your skills to future employers by adding your certificate to your Web Design portfolio, your resume, AND your LinkedIn profile!

Student Icon

How Do I Know If This Course Is for Me?

This Course Is for You If:

  • You are interested in learning how to design AND build websites.
  • You want to build confidence and make money with tech skills, but don’t know how to begin.
  • You’ve dabbled in HTML and CSS but need to learn the fundamentals.
  • You like learning to be fun and collaborative.

This Course Is Not for You If:

  • You’ve already designed and coded your own websites from scratch.
  • You want to learn in-depth user experience topics like usability testing and user research (check out the UX Professional Course instead!).
  • You want to learn how to use Adobe visual design tools in depth (check out the Visual Designer Course instead!).
  • You believe learning has to be serious in order to be effective and life-changing.

Your instructors are ALWAYS here to help.

  • Erin Denton


    Erin works as a freelance visual and UX designer and owns her own online retail business, Purrito Press. When she’s not designing or teaching, Erin serves as co-captain of her local Code for America brigade in Orlando, Florida.

  • Alumni Icon

    Sharon Siegel

    Full Stack Instructor

    Sharon is a self-taught developer who started out with a Psychology degree and no tech skills to speak of. With the help of Skillcrush, she became a Full Stack Developer. After spending some time working as a full-time Developer, she returned to Skillcrush as an Instructor to teach HTML & CSS, Git, JavaScript, and Ruby and help students gain the skills they need to succeed in the world of tech.

  • Caroline Tucker

    Design Instructor

    Caroline brings a diverse background in design, UX, and front-end development to her work as a Skillcrush teaching assistant. Outside of Skillcrush, she might be found juggling freelance client projects, dabbling in writing or illustration, or catching up on the latest cool CSS tricks.

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With 1-on-1 support from your instructors & Skillcrush community, you’ll accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to have previous tech experience to succeed in this Course?

    Not at all! This course is perfect for beginners with zero coding experience. You just need to have a basic understanding of computers and be able to upload and download files.
  • How does this program compare to the Visual Designer Course?

    Visual Design and Web Design are similar, but this program focuses on the principles of design and then teaches you how to put those principles into the practice of building wireframes and websites from scratch. The Visual Design Course focuses more on design tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but doesn’t teach you how to code.
  • Should I have a Mac or a PC to take this course?

    The only thing you need is a computer with access to the web. You should be able to stream YouTube or Vimeo videos and download/upload materials like photos and documents. We recommend a Mac for your future career in tech as Macs tend to be the industry standard, BUT a Windows PC will work fine too.
  • What software will I need for the Web Designer Course, and what does it cost?

    You don’t need to have any special software before you start the Course. We’ll introduce you to all the software or apps you need as you go through the course, and we do our best to minimize costs for our students by providing free alternatives, making sure you are aware of free trials, and offering you discount codes where they are available. The software used in the Web Designer Course is Adobe XD, which is free (hooray!) and the Adobe Photoshop photography plan, which includes a 7-day free trial and costs $9.99 monthly thereafter. You will also need access to a hosting service, which will set you back about $12-15 per month.
  • How long will I have access to my Course?

    Once you’ve completed payment for the course, you’ll have access to it for LIFE.

Skillcrush Reviews

You don’t have to go back to school. You don’t need to be under 30, 40, or even 60. You don’t have to leave your job or take time off. You don’t even have to know a single thing about code—if you can download a file, you’re tech-savvy enough.

  • Just weeks ago, I was hired full-time as a web design manager at a digital marketing firm. I've more than doubled my salary and now get perks like an additional annual bonus, three weeks vacation, and flex time... all thanks to Skillcrush.

    Margie Southworth

    Web Design Manager

  • I was actually able to change careers pretty quickly, successfully, and inexpensively. My quality of life has vastly improved.



  • I was able to learn the skills I needed to land freelance clients and a more creative full-time marketing career! I'm putting to use the skills I learned, and it was because of Skillcrush I got that job! I couldn’t be happier.

    Erin Robertson

    Web Designer

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