Too busy to learn to code?

How to pack a tech learning power punch

Are you sitting there, thinking about how you should learn how to code, but it’s just too hard to find the time?!

I get it. Between having a job, a family, some friends, and trying to remember to get dressed, eat three meals a day, and squeeze in a few hours of sleep…who’s got time?

And yet, you KNOW that in order to stay competitive, you have to keep learning new skills. Plus, think of all the freaking amazing things you can do if only you knew how to code!!

So what is a lady to do?

You are in luck! Because in today’s episode of SkillcrushTV, we are sharing our ‘Busy Lady’s Guide to Packing a Tech Learning Power Punch.’

Find out the three steps you need to take in order to find time to learn, without giving up ALL of your relaxing time.

If you are ready to dive in, join our next session of Skillcrush 101: How to get started coding!

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