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The Art of the Out of Office Email

Packing your things, clearing your desk, and getting ready to stuff yourself silly for the Thanksgiving Holiday?

Packing your things, clearing your desk, and getting ready to stuff yourself silly for the Thanksgiving Holiday?

We want you to get as much out of your holiday as possible, so before you leave the office, make sure to set up an Out of Office email. This way your colleagues and business associates will know not to expect a response and you can turn off your iPhone / Blackberry / Electronic ball-and-chain without even a twinge of guilt.

In your away message, make sure to include:
What days you will be off and when you expect to return.
If there is someone else they should reach out, provide that person’s contact info.
An in case of emergency contact number or email.
What fun thing you will be doing while you are away! (Optional)

Not feeling inspired? Check out these examples of saucy away messages to see if they get your creative juices flowing:

The Workaholic Away Message
You have reached the email of Ms. Workaholic. I am so sorry to not be able to answer your email within my usual five minutes. You have to understand that I am being forced to see my family for the Thanksgiving holiday.

That said, I will have wifi on the plane, internet once I reach my Aunt’s house, my iPhone with me at all times (555-435-2322) and I will aim for a no more than 10 minute turnaround time. Should my iPhone die, I will use my iPad, and if you still aren’t able to reach me immediately, feel free to give me a call at my Aunt Phyllis’ house, 555-555-6531, or just FedEx the message directly to her address:

Ms. Workaholic
℅ Aunt Phyllis
34 Washington Place
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 13222

The Ernest Hemingway Away Message
I am off on vacation. Eating turkey and drinking whiskey. Will return in a week.

The JavaScript Junkie Away Message
var date = new Date();
var todaysDate = date.getDate();
function amIinDaOffice(todaysDate) {
if (todaysDate !== 26) {
alert(“I am out of the office.”);

The Social Media Marketer Away Message:
You’ve reached the email of Claire Jane! I’ve stepped away from my desk for Thanksgiving–but,  not away from my cell! Woot! I’ll be Tweeting, Instagramming and Foursquaring my way from NYC back home to Oklahoma! Go Okies! My deets are below if you want to connect and follow along! And, guess what?! If you want to see my private chronicles of the Jane Family Thanksgiving Day festivities, you can follow me on Twitter @ClaireRocks and I’ll DM you pix throughout the day!

Have the besty-best holiday ever!
Claire Jane

Twitter: @ClaireRocks

And finally…

The Thanksgiving Turkey Away Message
Thank you for your email. I’m sorry to say that I won’t be able to respond since after Thanksgiving I will no longer be working. I’ve auto forwarded this email to the Easter Bunny.