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How To Have A Side Hustle And Not Go Crazy

A side hustle is defined as the act of creating your own business as a side project to your regular 9-5 employment. Now that does sound quite daunting. Working a 9 to 5 workday five hours a week is tough enough, but having a side hustle, which yes means more work, can be the key to finding your true career calling.

But how do you manage to work at your full time job (so you can pay the bills) and pursue your passion? We have a few ideas:

1. Get up super early or stay up really late

So this isn’t the most appealing model, but it can be effective, you will just get a bit less sleep than the average person but isn’t it worth it?

2. Avoid distractions

This one is tricky, but if you know you are easily distracted by your TV or Facebook then take them away (you can put time restrictions on web sites).

3. Use your commute

A commute can really be the gift of the time. If you are on a train or a subway try to use that time to your advantage. If you have to drive or bike then maybe just think about your side project but not so much that you aren’t paying attention to what you are doing.

4. Be consistent

Whatever you do, try to be consistent. Have a schedule for your side hustle. Always know that you will devote X amount of time on the weekend and a certain amount of time each weekday.

Why does having a side hustle matter?

Those tips will you help you with your side hustle, but the real point is that everyone, especially when you are in your 20s, should have a side hustle because it will actually make you a better employee at your current job and a better person overall.

A lot of the perks are obvious. You could potentially be making more money, which means you have a more secure safety net in life. You are also pursuing your passion which will make you happier. Less obvious perks are that will be exposed to exciting new things you may never have been before. A side hustle gives you skills and experiences you can put on your resume and bring to your next job or sell to a potential client. Having a legitimate side project shows that you are a go-getter and a hard worker. If you can be as transparent with your current company as you can be. You may surprised in their support. Basically you are just showing them that you are a person with passion and motivation.

It will be hard work, but you have to go for it.