Secrets for success in your Skillcrush Career Blueprint

Welcome to Skillcrush! We’re SO thrilled you’ve enrolled in one of our Career Blueprints and can’t wait to get to know you and help you create amazing things.

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you save time and know from the start what we didn’t when we began our journeys into learning to code. Check out our 5 tips for success (learned at the school of hard knocks). These will really help you succeed in your Skillcrush Career Blueprint.


1. Embrace minutes: You don’t need to find a large block of time to do the work

Your syllabus (or you know, hehe SKILLabus) is designed with your busy schedule in mind. We know you don’t have 2-3 perfect, peaceful hours available each day to work. That’s why each day consists of short lessons you can access throughout your day.

These lessons start with an overall module and then break down into small, manageable lessons which consist of everything from videos and quick articles to one-page cheat sheets and interactive project work. If you have ten minutes on the subway, you can access your material on your smart phone and get to it!

Don’t psych yourself out by thinking that you need to have an uninterrupted hour or four to get through everything all at once. Learning to code is like building a strong wall—every small brick is important.


2. Ask questions on the Mightybell forum

Our goal with this course is not only to teach you invaluable digital skills but to also integrate you into the larger web community. Asking and answering questions (and getting comfortable with that—something we have all struggled with!) is a BIG part of the culture.

In the design and development industry, forums are HUGE! Experienced web folks go everywhere—from the Mozilla forums to Stack Overflow—to ask questions about a variety of topics. They also contribute by answering questions they know the answers to. So please do take advantage of your Mightybell circle whenever you need help!

Your learning community will be there to help you even after the course—think of each other as your new BFFs! Your instructors will also be moderating your circle to answer your questions as quickly as possible, and share tips and tricks.


3. Take advantage of our Circle Chats, Office Hours, and Master Classes

We aren’t just here to give you a bunch of materials and expect you to learn how to code. We are here to help you succeed and use your skills to transform your career!

Circle Chats and Office Hours are your chance to chat LIVE with your instructors about lessons or the tech industry in general. We also hold Master Classes with successful pros in the tech industry who tell you exactly how they went from learning to being successful professionals.

We truly believe these interactions will help enrich your educational experience and make you a more successful digital professional. So please join whenever possible! Even just listening to what your classmates are asking will help you tremendously!


4. Don’t take the project editor too seriously

Our unique platform features a built-in interactive project editor. The project editor is your space to play and experiment and discover without having to download or install anything! Skillcrush is a supportive, judgement-free zone and we take THAT very seriously—but we don’t want you to be self-conscious when you are just starting out learning.

Don’t be afraid of the project editor! Try things. Make ugly things. Mess up. Then try to fix them. We ALL still do this—it’s a part of the process. There is no substitute for getting your hands dirty and we want to encourage you to be fearless in your pursuit of messing up. Play! Have fun! Be supportive of others who are doing exactly the same thing.

If you need even MORE encouragement, check out this great advice by Ira Glass.


5. Don’t worry if you fall behind

Your classes will be accessible to you even after class is over so you can come back and continue at your own pace or review once class is over. However, we really do believe you’ll get a ton out of participating in class events and interacting with your classmates. Do try to get as much out of the actual course time as you can!

However, we TOTALLY know that sometimes life just… happens. That’s why your access to Skillcrush.com won’t be revoked! Your course material isn’t going anywhere, and you’ll have access to the entire archive of recorded Master Classes and your Mightybell Circle too.


We’re so excited you’re here! Now, go forth and code!


The Skillcrush Team