Project: Become a Digital Cartographer

Internet users LOVE maps.

Think that sharing your breakfast is the most popular thing to do on the Internet? Think again!

Internet users LOVE maps. They love subway maps, hurricane maps, singles maps, pirate maps, election maps, wind turbine maps, wind maps, and even radical maps.

And lets not even TALK about mobile phone users. Between Instagram and map exploring, it’s a wonder anyone has time to make phone calls.

Isn’t it time you added a map to your website? Get inspired by some of the examples below and then click the links to learn how to make your own map.

Skills: None, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Python, PHP
* Map making ranges in technical difficulty, explore the different options to find the one that fits your skill level

Map: Rolling Stones, 1975

Map: Best of OpenStreet Map

Google Maps
Map: Maps without Map

Stamen Map Designs
Map: Stamen Designs

Map: USA in 1855

Map: Iceland