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How You Can Become An Employee A Company Can’t Live Without

Here at Skillcrush we are constantly pointing out (but in like a fun way, not a shove it down your throat kind of way) the benefits of digital skills in your career.

To think that you could completely change your career trajectory in such a short amount of time is incredible. And according to new data, the jobs that require the kinds of skills companies like Skillcrush are offering are in extremely high demand.

According to a report from the tech sector recruiting firm Riviera Partners, average software engineer salaries in the San Francisco Bay Area were up 4% in 2013 over 2012, and 9% in the fourth quarter of the year. On average, junior positions in front-end and back-end software coding reached just over $100,000 in the area in 2013. Software engineers overall earned an average of $124,000 last year.

The report also found that back-end engineers — those who do the heavy-duty coding to construct a website’s architecture and its connections to servers, databases and other elements that make sites run — are the most in demand. But the demand mobile developer positions is also right up there. There is also major competition for front-end developers as according to the report there is “particularly fierce competition for front-end developers going on at the moment, simply because the supply of engineers that specialize in these skills has yet to catch up with the surging demand.”

Better get going and learn some digital skills!