How to get started programming

Learn what language to start with & why

One of the questions we get most frequently here at Skillcrush is the BIG: “How do I get started??” question. How do I get started in tech, coding, web design? You name it, we get.

Now the question may be simple, but the answer rarely is.

Today we are going to tackle how to get started programming.

In this video you will learn:

  • What the different types of code are & what they do
  • What programming language is the best language to learn FIRST & why
  • What programming has to do with Toy Story (yep, the Disney movie)
  • And most importantly, how you can write your first program TODAY (even if you have never touched code before in your LIFE)

As a special bonus, we have made our practice file available for download, here.

Ready? Get programming!