How To Make Your Weekends Insanely Productive

By: Meredith Lepore

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In this ever busy world, when you finally make it to the weekend it feels like you have fought a battle. Sometimes it seems hard to do anything but lie on the couch or beach! But for those of us who have a side project or side gig, we know that the weekends mean valuable, productive time. Here are some tips for staying productive on the weekend.

Plan it out

Living your weekends by the seat of your pants will not work if you want to be super productive. You have to plan it out. Plan out blocks of time. Of course, work in some down time to relax, but if you want to get the most out of your weekends scheduling Saturday and Sunday the way you schedule your weekdays will help.


Just like exercising in the morning makes you feel more productive, it will also help on the weekends. One study of Texas women’s days found that (after eating and relaxing) they were happiest when exercising! If you want to supercharge your day, hop out of bed and go for a jog before the city (and your friends!) wake up.

Reward yourself

At the end of they day, we are all kids. Reward yourself for completing a task and not just by crossing it off the list. Give yourself a little treat. An ice cream sundae? Splurging to see the silly chick flick with Ryan Gosling you have been dying to see? Allowing yourself rewards along the way helps keep you motivated.

Try out variation

Laura Vanderkam, author of “What Successful People Do on the Weekends” says your weekends need to feel different from your weekdays. She’s spot on – no one wants to get up at the crack of dawn, put on a suit, and go into the office on a Saturday! Work on rotating in different activities and hobbies you don’t have time to do during the week for your weekend routine. Try saving certain projects for weekend days only, so you look forward to working on them.

Cut down on technology

It’s easier to do a little less digital on the weekends than on the weekdays. Why not try, even it is just for a few hours to put your phone in the closet, or on airplane mode? “A stretch of time apart from the computer, phone, and work stresses creates space for other things in life,” says Vanderkam. You won’t have to worry about missing an important email or call, but you can really focus your brain to be strategic and productive.

Don’t get depressed on Sunday

It is so easy, and far too common, to have that super low feeling of dread on Sunday. Don’t let it happen! Schedule your Sunday so that you are busy or have deadlines for yourself that you have to meet, so that your Sunday nights are productive for improving your work or your wellbeing. Try scheduling something fun or creative on Sunday night (and not just watching your favorite TV show).


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