It’s holiday card time!

With the turkey leftovers long gone and the holiday sales in full swing, it’s the time of year to send out those trusty holiday cards. Instead of killing trees and cramping your hands, put a personalized touch on an e-card instead.

Our Skillcrush team has made it super easy for you to impress your friends with your thoughtfulness and your tech know-how. Try creating your own e-card with our totally fun “Skillcrush Holiday Card Editor” or use one of our favorite services below!

Best for “wow” factor: Code Your Own Holiday Card

Sending a card that you coded yourself? Look at you, digital hostess with the mostest! Talk about impressing the heck out of those professional contacts, and ensuring that Grandma Erma thinks you are her smartest grandchild! We like to think of it as the grown-up and modern-day version of the construction paper + glitter cards you made in 3rd grade (that your mom still keeps on her dresser). Use the clean HTML editor to add your own message of holiday cheer, and easily embed into an email.

Best for invites: Paperless Post

Cards sent through Paperless Post are some of the most beautiful – and classy – e-cards you can find. So if you’re looking for the perfect way to invite friends to your holiday soiree, this is it. The designs are gorgeous, and they come sent to you like a real card, with animation of the front of an envelope, the back of an envelope, and the card. From cards exclaiming “Bah Humbug!” to invitations lined with holiday lights saying “making spirits bright,” the notes say just enough. Plus, the back-end tracking features of RSVPs for events are as robust as any event site.

Best for hilarity: Someecards

Snarky, dry and tongue-in-cheek, Someecards also are perhaps the only e-cards you can send that will get a real laugh. These cards are hilarious and sarcastic at the same time. Whether you send to a fellow coworker at your miserable job or your significant other to flirt at lunch on a Wednesday, Someecards has a sarcastic comment perfect for your situation. Favorites include: “I cheat at dreidel” and “You don’t pay me enough to get a Secret Santa for anyone.”

Best for business: Just Wink

Just Wink is pure fun. With ecards organized into great categories like “naughty,” “nice,” and “for the lovers,” and delivery methods ranging from text to tweet, you’ll definitely find what you need. The cards are just spunky enough that they can be appropriate for anyone from your conservative great-aunt to your fratty friend from college. Our favorites include the cards that say Let’s gelt this party started and Have a sparkly, shiny, glimmery, shimmery Christmas. You can even add a gift card (to places like Amazon, Sephora, and Fandango) to your card – now how about that for convenience?

Best for saving the world: Care2

With the slogan “Smiles are contagious. Start an epidemic.”, how can you resist? For every (free!) e-card you send with Care2, you earn credits which can be redeemed for do-gooder gifts like safe drinking water, carbon offsets, or help for shelter pets. Care2 partners with over 350 nonprofits and has millions of users who send ecards to make a difference. The cards may be standard, but the impact is pretty neat!