Happy Halloween

It may be a slightly subdued Halloween, but we will celebrate nonetheless!

Pumpkin carving by Christopher Pickert, via jQuery

We just watched Mayor Bloomberg open the NYSE, and even though big swathes of our fair city are still out of power, it appears that New York is starting to get back to it.

It may be a slightly subdued Halloween, but we will celebrate nonetheless!

Halloween Fonts
Everytime we browse the Google Web Fonts library, we are impressed with how much it has grown! No matter what the occasion, you will be able to find an appropriately themed font. Making children’s Halloween cards? Griffy is your gal! Want something more Ghoulish? We recommend Creepster. Browse our entire Halloween font collection.

Raptorize Your Site
What’s scarier than a dinosaur, back from extinction, ready to bite your head off? Nothing! Raptorize your site and have ‘em running for the hills.

Halloween Photoshop Brushes
Need to add some Halloween texture to your designs? Where is that pumpkin/witch/ghost icon we asked for? Use this set of Halloween Photoshop brushes to make all the haunted houses websites your heart desires.

Love to make jQuery jokes? Why not make one on your pumpkin! Find the code-on-pumpkin just a little too cheesy for you? You can still get in on the fun! Check out these other tech inspired pumpkin carving designs.

Last Minute, Techy Costume Ideas
Storm have you scrambling to put together a last minute costume? Why not go as a famous woman in Computer Science like Grace Hopper? Or Ada Lovelace? Can’t find a costume? Consider going as a 404 error.

Are you going as something tech-inspired? Tell us about it in the comments!