Happy Cyber Monday!

Great holiday gifts for everyone on your list.

You made it through Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday, and now you are in the home stretch: Cyber Monday. Loosen up those fingers and have your credit card at the ready, because it’s time to get that holiday shopping done, once and for all!

Since you want to give something a little unique, a little off-the-beaten path, a little-techy-but-not-too-much, we’ve put together a list of holiday gifts sure to please every single one of the highly individual, highly creative, designer / developer / typographer / artists in your life.

And if you can’t stomach all this consumerism, worry not! You can give to charity! We’ve got a recommendation for that too.

The Designer

Undo Necklace, $22

Sigh, if only life were as easy to control with a control-Z button as a Photoshop document. At the very least, we can wear this beautiful necklace as a reminder to think twice before you act!

The Developer

Egg Nog Arrays, $15

Do you have a friend who spends so much time speaking to machines that you are concerned she may not understand plain English? Fear not! You can now speak to her in her native tongue – JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, or Python. Or at least, with this cute set of cards you will be able to give her instructions for how to make Eggnog.

The Typographer

Typographic Matchmaking Poster, $65

Matching typefaces is almost as difficult as finding that special someone. But when it works it feels effortless, like the two were meant for one another. This letterpress poster highlights famous couples from history, literature, and life, set in exquisitely complementary, contrasting typefaces. Perfect for the Typographer always on the hunt for inspiration.

For You & Your BFF

Skillcrush’s The Basics of Web Design PDF, $9

Looking for a way to make some extra cash? Allow us to suggest you do something on the web—we hear it’s the next big thing! Get started with our guide to The Basics of Web Design.

PSST: buy it and share it! Just make sure the gift recipient signs up for our newsletter so they will know about our next PDF when it comes out.

The Gadget Lover

Wooden iPhone Alarm Dock, $39.50

You know this person. They’ve got the latest, iPhone, iPad mini, MacBook Air, and Nest learning thermometer. They’ve wired their car to their cell phone, and their home entertainment system to their iPad. Give them a chance to go a little bit analog with this wooden alarm clock, while still making sure that their favorite gadget has plenty of battery juice.

The Humanitarian

Girls Who Code, $25 suggested donation

Girls Who Code is a New York City based educational non-profit that teaches and mentors girls in technology, robotics, and web design. As they put it, Girls Who Code “isn’t a program. It’s a movement. Join us as we work to close the gender gap in the technology and engineering sector.” Who can’t get behind that?

The Artist

Pictorial Webster’s, $35

As you already know, the artist in your life is always on the hunt for visual inspiration. While Google can be a great resource, there is nothing like leafing through 1,500 engravings of Acorns, Zebras, Bell Jars, and all manner of 19th century oddities, to get the creative energy flowing.