Get to know Ryan: CEO and CoFounder

ryan2Hi Ryan. So what the heck is SudoSearch anyway?

“If you had an RSS reader in one hand and a search engine in the other, and you smashed your hands together really fast to miraculously form a 3rd product, the result would look a lot like SudoSearch. SudoSearch at its core allows users to create feeds of information that they care about.

What is amazing is that we can now create custom feeds such as “Mars Curiousity Rover” or “2 bedroom house in San Francisco with fireplace & garden, under $3000″ or “Farmer’s Markets in Oakland” and every new result across the web that matches your search will be saved and funneled into your custom feed. We should be able to tell the internet what we want and the internet should be able to help us not just immediately, but also over time.”

How did you come up with the idea for SudoSearch?

“Fortunately I had help. It all started with myself and Kim Kuettel sitting in Austin Riba’s house in Fairfax one day talking about how cool it would be to pretty much make a feed out of anything on the internet. I mentioned how I’d seen my dad, who was looking to buy a new house at the time, going to dozens of real estate sites and running the same searches over and over again, several times a day, day after day. It just seemed so unproductive. SudoSearch was born.”


What’s been the biggest challenge in building SudoSearch so far?

“Your greatest curse is often your greatest gift, and vice versa. The most wonderful and exciting aspect of SudoSearch is the size of the problem. SudoSearch is not a quickly built app with a few functionalities, nor is it a minimalized vertical search tool. It’s a vast engine that seeks to be truly helpful to any users no matter what they’re looking for or what they’re interested in. The possibilities are endless and almost everything is user defined.

Fortunately this is a really exciting problem, and it gives us the opportunity to work on a very large problem from the ground up.”

Tell us about a company you admire and why?

“Tesla Motors. They have the right idea, they’re not bothered by naysayers or the fact that others have failed, their product is amazing, and they are ushering in a new understanding of what a conventional product can be.”