6 Free Stock Photo Sites That Will Make People Think You’re Spending Millions

For anyone working in media, who runs a blog, or has ever needed a stock photo, there was some ground-breaking news this week. Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In has teamed up with Getty to provide the internet with decent pictures of women actually doing normal things (instead of laughing alone with their salads). For a taste of how dire the stock photo situation currently is checkout this absurd gallery New York Magazine’s The Cut put together.

The collaboration with Lean In and Getty will provide a stock photo library of 2,500 pictures that portray women in a positive light. Those will be available to Getty customers including corporations, creative directors at ad agencies and photo editors at media outlets. Lean In will get an undisclosed portion of the fees from the licensing of those images.

Gorgeous photos on your website are a gamechanger! Great, professional photos to support your witty and well-written content can really make your site shine. But, we know that photos from Getty might be a little bit out of your budget, and taking your own custom photos can be pricey.

Instead, we found a few amazing stock photo sites where you can get non-stock-photo-looking photos that are completely FREE!


These photos are gorgeous and unique and they add 10 new ones everyday!


These are high-res photos, updated weekly, that you can use for all personal and commercial projects.


All of the beautiful photos on this site are by Victor Hanacek. They are original, high-res and free! Just be sure to give Hanacek credit and some link love. Plus, you can donate to his site if you feel compelled.

If you are looking for beautiful old pictures from story books then this is the site for you.


Yes it has been around forever, but Flickr has millions of images waiting for you. (Just be sure to give credit).


Pixabay is super awesome because it allows you to search and filter images by orientation, it shows you the most downloaded and most viewed images in the last 30 days and is a great resource for finding wallpapers.

Also remember anything posted to Instagram or Facebook is fair game as well. Happy hunting!