If Google Was A Dude, It Would Be Hilarious

Turns out College Humor is still funny. They just produced a brilliant video in which they propose, “What if Google Was A Guy?” That’s right. What if Google, the internet search engine, was just a man in room had all the answers or at least search results to your every query, no matter how absurd, perverse or just annoying?

It probably wouldn’t work, but gosh this video is funny and points out how absurd we all are when it comes to what we want to find. I will be the first to admit that I treat Google like it is a wizard that I can ask anything of, no matter how specific or ridiculous. I would also have gotten some weird looks from the Google Dude.

In the short, “Children’s Hospital “actor Brian Huskey plays Google Dude and College Humor writer Patrick Cassels appears as himself (and of course, self Googles.)

The video is really just silly but will make you want to look at your own search history.