Is coding black magic? And other important coding questions answered!

Did you miss our Skillcrush Friday afternoon hangout session? No worries! You can still get the good stuff!

In this video I answer some SUPER important questions and offer my top 4 tips for how to make your coding learning experience a runaway success! You will learn:

  • Whether coding is black magic
  • If you have to be a genius or wunderkind to learn to code
  • What programming language you should learn FIRST
  • What key things you have to do to set yourself up for learning success
  • Whether as a self-taught coder you really are competitive in the job market
  • And much, much, more!

I also shared my favorite book on learning HTML & CSS: Jon Duckett’s book (appropriately named) HTML & CSS. I plumb forgot to mention my other TWO favorite books, which are: Visual Quickstart Guide to JavaScript by Tom Negrino & Dori Smith (excellent for getting down with your JavaScript fundamentals), and The Book of Ruby by Huw Collingbourne (which is my FAVORITE FAVORITE intro to Ruby).

And apologies for all the silly faces. What. Can. I. Say. :P

Adda Birnir

Adda is the CEO and founder of Skillcrush. She lives in Queens, NY with her husband and young son.