5 Web Design Trends That Need To Be Retired Now

5 Web Design Trends That Need To Be Retired Now - Skillcrush

All trends eventually end their day in the sun. After all, that is what makes them trends. It is the same in web design. Here are a few web design trends that need to be retired.



Using this kind of model to make money is becoming pretty obsolete. In the next three years, 80% of PPC professionals will be replaced by an algorithm. But new technology can target consumer patterns and likes and dislikes. Technology can show what shows they like, what stores they shop at, etc., Pay-per-click just won’t cut it.

A variety of different fonts on the same site

We have talked about how important a font is to a website’s likeability, but it doesn’t mean you should have various fonts on the same page or even the same site. You should really select one font and stick with it.

Keyword Focused SEO copywriting

In the past SEO has all been putting as many SEO-friendly keywords into titles as possible. There has to be more strategy when it comes to SEO. It is all about monitoring keyword density, checking traffic daily, checking rankings obsessively and spinning articles. Mobile SEO strategy is also huge right now and takes a lot more than just keywords.

Too much text

Text needs to be snappy, to the point and NOT LONG. You need to implement more videos, pictures and other graphics. Combining text and visuals is the best way for the user to learn what site your story is telling.

Bad mobile design

Having your site just be able to be on mobile isn’t acceptable anymore. Sites now need to be made for mobile. Research conducted with Nielsen shows that 48% of mobile consumers start their purchase journey with paid and organic search results. According to BI Intelligence, to date, approximately 60% of all online devices are now smartphones or tablets. Mobile usage continues to rise. In fact, data from Emarketer suggests that in 2013, mobile device usage was the only media device type that showed year-over-year increases in consumer usage. If you don’t already have a mobile optimized site or mobile strategies in place then check out this excellent resource.