5 Ways Technology Has Become A Game Changer For Fashion Week

Fashion week, like most cool events, used to be completely exclusive. Only those who worked in fashion or had a lot of money and were freaks that said they preferred wearing high heels over any other shoe, could attend. But now, thanks to social media platforms like Instagram as well as new fashion startups and tools, fashion is becoming a far more level playing-field. As Sarah Jessica Parker has said, “Fashion is a right, not a privilege,” and technology is helping that happen.

1. Instagram

With every fashion week season Instagram gets stronger and stronger. Journalists and bloggers can share photos with their networks and the world as shows are happening. And it is arguably fair to say, that there really would be no “street style” – a fashion entity in its own right – without social media.

It’s been incredible, absolutely incredible. Social media has made such a difference,” Lubov Azria, chief creative officer of fashion house BCBG Max Azria Group, said.  “It used to be where the editors would come in, whether they liked the collection or not, they would have a certain point of view, and that’s what everyone saw,” says Azria. “Now with social media, [everyone has] a voice. We have a way to express what we feel, why we feel certain things. It’s incredible.”

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2. Google Glass

Thanks to these far-out eye glasses, journalists are able to cover Fashion Week like they never have before. According to TechHive, Women’s Wear Daily’s beauty writers are using Glass to shoot photos, videos, and GIFs of backstage prep and share them on Google+. And to think we just thought these were a cool accessory.

3. Security

Okay, so Fashion Week hasn’t become totally all-inclusive. This isn’t Disneyland. It’s still pretty glamorous. According to The New York Times, party event organizers and promoters use various digital tools to approve guests. Some use face-recognition technology, and others simply make it easier for hosts to match names with faces.

4. Social media as a currency

Designer Marc Jacobs has embraced the paying by hashtag concept which is a fabulous way to promote a brand. Basically instead of spending money, you promote your purchase by tweeting about it and using the designer’s hashtag. Jacobs launched a pop-up shop and had all customers who bought his perfume tweet #MJDaisyChain. Pretty brilliant.

5. Live-streaming videos

And like the massive sharing photo abilities that have emerged, you can now watch certain shows (like this morning’s Tory Burch presentation) from anywhere. It puts fashion in front of a whole new audience.

Why is this important? Technology is advancing the world but it is also leveling the playing field and letting more and more people participate from all over the world. These new platforms and tools provide accessibility and a direct connection to a once off-limits industry.