5 Inspirational Takeaways from the Women 2.0 Next Billion Conference

photoLast week, I was one of ten fortunate women to be chosen for the Kapor Capital Women of Color Scholarship for the Women 2.0 Next Billion Conference in San Francisco. As a co-founder of SudoSearch, I gain a lot of inspiration from successful female entrepreneurs. The opportunity to hear and speak with so many women who are transforming their passions into reality was a great learning experience, and I’ve included some of my favorite takeaways below:

Michelle Zatlyn – Cloudflare Co-founder: If you’re going after a big market, don’t be afraid. A big idea is the same amount of work and effort as a small idea. Full Post From Women 2.0 Here

Selina Tobaccowala Founder, Survey Monkey SVP: Finding the right mix of talent is crucial. We must be able to find the right people who believe in the vision and are able to execute it. When you build the right culture, that is what is going to help you the most when you scale your company. Full Post From Women 2.0 Here

Julie Zhuo & Naomi Gleit – Facebook Director of Product Design & Sr. Director of Product  Management: Find innovative ways to improve the registration process and retain users. An example of this would be to break apart the registration flow into a few bundled steps.

Fran Maier – Founding Member of Women not only dominate the Social Web but are 75% of the buying power in the US ($5 Trillion) Full Post From Women 2.0 Here
Paula Long – DataGravity CEO: Don’t go for the Series A until you’re in it for life. This one speaks for itself. You truly have to be committed to the product, the market you are building it for, and your team has to be on board with that vision and commitment. Full Post From Women 2.0 Here
Research suggests that the lack of women role models in technical fields may be deterring girls from pursuing careers in fields like science and engineering. Events like the Women 2.0 conference provide great visibility to the capabilities of our generation’s women, inspirational for other women and men alike.
I highly recommend checking out more of the conference – you can see it live streamed here.