3 easy steps to get you started in tech TODAY

You know that digital is BIG.

You know that digital is BIG. You know that you have a lot to learn. But how to get started? Should you be learning to code? Which languages? Why? Should you be designing? Wireframing? Growth hacking? Hardware hacking? And what is an API anyways??!!

Don’t stare blankly at your computer screen! Here are three easy steps you can get started on TODAY:

1. Learn the Lingo
Before you start learning practical skills, familiarize yourself with key technical terms and start to understand how they work together. Here are ten terms that you should know:

Know all these terms like the back of your hand? Great! Move on to step #2:

2. Learn to code HTML & CSS & build your first website
HTML and CSS are the building blocks of the Web, and they are the first two languages that you should learn. Start by building yourself a simple website, like this one, so that you can understand how code you write is translated into a beautiful website.

Already got a website that you coded yourself? Fantastic, move onto step #3:

3. Start programming in JavaScript
Once you have HTML & CSS in the bag, it’s time to start programming. JavaScript is the best programming language to begin with because it runs in your browser and takes no set up.

Writing JavaScript will get you thinking like a software developer. You will start to work with variables, functions, loops, and if/else statements, plus lots of annoying syntactical rules, all of which are key skills for computer programmers.

Learn how to set a variable. Find out the difference between a string, an integer, and an array. Figure out what an object, method, and trigger event are and how they work together. Then start manipulating your browser with JavaScript!