10 More Digital Designers to Follow on Instagram

By: Alec McGuffey

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No matter how long you’ve been a designer, keeping your perspective fresh is crucial if you want to stay on top of your game and ensure that your work is impactful to the people who experience it. As a designer—or aspiring designer—you probably already have a list of design sites that you check everyday, and you might even have a curated social media feed intended to inspire you on a daily basis.

But with such a vast variety of design talent and resources in the world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and be tempted to keep your sources of inspiration static. So we’ve put together a list of 10 invigorating artists from across the creative world that you should add to your follow list. From up-and-coming user experience designers to acclaimed illustrators to name brand visual designers, this list of creatives will help you give your Instagram feed (and mind) a refresh.

1.Yael Levey

Not everyone you follow on Instagram needs to solely post photos of their finished design work. Yael Levey is a User Experience designer who focuses on imagery of her research and wireframing processes, filling her account with beautiful photos of whiteboards covered in post-it notes and detailed user flows. Her posts are filled with advice designed to help young experience designers improve their own processes.

2.Evan Eckard

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With a flair for colorful digital illustration, Evan Eckard focuses on showcasing his logo and icon design work on his Instagram feed. Outside of his busy design job, Evan also runs Adobe’s weekly livestream on YouTube and devotes a huge amount of his time to helping young designers improve their work. He even offers 1-on-1 mentorship online if you want to get feedback on your work and boost your design game.

3. Anfisa Bogomolova

Anfisa Bogomolova is a Ukraine-based designer and entrepreneur whose page is filled with advice for freelancers, founders, and designers just getting started in their careers. Bogomolova’s page is a must-follow for anyone hoping to start their own business, as many of her posts are focused on showcasing her progress as she works to grow her blockchain-based travel business.

4. Jessica Walsh

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If you’re a young designer looking to make your mark in the creative agency world, Jessica Walsh is a name you’re probably familiar with. She started designing logos at age 11 and her career quickly took off from there. After graduating from RISD, she met Stefan Sagmeister and after two years of working together, they started design agency Sagmeister & Walsh. Her Instagram feed is visually diverse, exciting, and inspiring.

5. Nick Slater

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Nick Slater is a well-known designer who has worked with a vast array of clients, ranging from Slack to Twitter, and his instantly recognizable character design and digital illustration work is a wonder to behold. Follow him if you’re an aspiring freelance designer or just want to fill your feed with his beautiful and whimsical illustrations.

6. Giga Tamarashvili

Giga Tamarashvili is a UX/UI designer living in Georgia—the country, not the state. His Instagram feed is filled with hundreds of beautiful interfaces he’s designed for digital products and websites, from fitness apps to e-commerce sites. His use of soft colors and human figures that practically pop off the screen make his account a definite follow for any aspiring designers looking to build unique and visually pleasant experiences on the web.

7. Steven Harrington

If you want to talk about signature style, look no further than Steven Harrington. Harrington has perfected his unique illustration style, and if you ever see his work online (or painted on a basketball court), you’ll know it. His characters have a vintage feel and inhabit a whimsical fantasy world that has stolen the hearts of brands like Nike and celebrities like Jay Z.

8.Gemma O’Brien

Stepping away from digital design for a moment, let’s look at the work of an incredible artist, letterer, and designer named Gemma O’Brien. Gemma focuses on murals and print design, creating incredibly intricate installations on buildings, at festivals, and in corporate offices. Any aspiring illustrator with a love for large scale art should follow her ASAP.

9. June Digan

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June Digan is an artist based in Manila who designs and paints gorgeous pieces filled with delicate characters, fantastical environments, and beautiful lettering. Using a variety of mediums, from watercolors to oil, her work is a breath of fresh air, especially if your feed is typically filled with digital design work.

10. Shaivalini Kumar

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Shaivalini Kumar is a designer based on Denmark who uses a combination of graphic design, illustration, and typography to create digital works that transcend a single medium. In a single piece, she might incorporate flat character illustrations, 3D environments, and elegant digital lettering, so it’s no wonder that she’s had so much success building a successful freelance career. Follow her if you’re an aspiring multi-disciplinary designer looking for inspiration.

woman in glasses with hand on face, thinking

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