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How to Write Better Copy

When you’re putting all of your energy into creating beautiful, functional websites, it can be easy to forget about the ham in your sandwich, the water in your pool, the potatoes in your soup.

I’m talking about copy, friends.

The words that replace the lorem ipsum you used to design a website. Headlines. “About” pages. Product descriptions. Blog posts. Ads. Facebook posts.

If the sites you build are the bread, copy is the butter, and it deserves some attention too. Even the most beautifully designed website can crash and burn without readable, relatable copywriting that connects users to your brand.

I rounded up my top 5 resources to help you up your copy game.


What do I love about Copyblogger’s blog? The mix of thoughtful, general posts, and more specific tips you can put to use right away. If 13 Damn Good Ideas from 13 Dead Copywriters is food for thought, then No Blog Traffic? Here’s a Simple Way to Seduce Readers and Win Clients is something you can put to work right away.

Copy Hackers

Yay! More practical information I can use right away! Joanna Wiebe and Lance Jones run Copy Hackers, which I love for its mix of “how we did it” posts and “should you” posts. It’s just like typing something into Google and getting instant, stellar results, only I didn’t even know I needed to search for it yet.

Talking Shrimp

Laura Belgray is the hilariously self-deprecating copywriter behind Talking Shrimp. She has a pretty salty resumé, and she recently upped the ante on her blog, where she talks about random stuff (seriously) almost every day. The Talking Shrimp blog isn’t about copy in the way that Copyblogger and Copy Hackers are, but make sure to sign up for Laura’s newsletter and get her “5 Secrets to writing copy for any medium.” It’s funny, it’s witty, and you can put it to use immediately (I did). Plus, you can learn (without even trying!) by reading her blog posts. What makes you keep reading them??

The Copy Cure

The Copy Cure is what happens when business and life expert (and my idol) Marie Forleo and copywriter Laura Belgray (my other idol, see above) get together. While the program hasn’t debuted yet, the email series they send when you sign up for their “first to know” list is pretty darn useful.

Grammar Girl

I know, I know. It’s not really about copy. But do you know how frequently I consult grammar girl? Chances are you have to. If you’ve ever typed “affect or effect” into Google, you’ve probably visited THIS page. Just last week a coworker and I were having a “two weeks notice or two weeks’ notice” discussion. Guess where I turned?

Tell me! Where do you go for help with your website copy? Do you write it yourself? What scares you the most about website copy? Tweet @Skillcrush and share, or comment below.