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What’s happening in online education?

This has been a pretty exciting and controversial week for online education. For starters, Starbucks announced its partnership with ASU and Udacity followed with an announcement about nano degrees. Meanwhile, Google invests $50m in getting girls into code (with the help of Chelsea Clinton and Mindy Kaling) and Anita Sarkeesian continues her excellent series on women in video games with a new video. Plus, the world gets introduced to a programming language based on Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, really.

Starbucks to Provide Free College Education to Thousands of Workers 

Udacity-AT&T ‘NanoDegree’ Offers an Entry-Level Approach to College

Latest episode of Tropes vs Women from @femfreq focuses on women as background decoration in videogames: 

Is Coding the New Literacy?

ArnoldC – a programming language based on Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liners




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