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How To Beat the Afternoon Slump

How To Beat the Afternoon Slump

We’ve all been there. There is no lunch to look forward to and going home is hours away, but you can’t keep your eyes open. The afternoon lulls are the worst. They can completely halt progress and throw off the rest of your day. Here are a few tips for combatting the afternoon slowdown.

1. Eat healthy snacks throughout the day

Though the easiest thing is to go grab a coffee or a double shot latte when you start to feel your energy drop, that is just going to mess you up in the long run. It will make you hungrier and mess up your sleep pattern. You can prevent the energy drain in the first place by eating snacks every few hours that include complex carbohydrates. Think apple and peanut butter or some crackers and cheese.

2. Go for a walk

Just walking around the block can get the blood flowing again. If you don’t have time just walk around your office.

3. Take a power nap

If you have your own office or work at home, take advantage and have a little nap. Don’t make it a really long one — just 10 to 20 minutes. Arianna Huffington encourages her employees to take naps during the day in the “nap room”.

4. Schedule a meeting

If you schedule something you can’t get out of at 3 pm, your body will stay alert.┬áPlus a meeting will hopefully get you away from your computer screen (unless it is on Skype or Google Hangout). The change in activity will shake things up a bit.

5. Do some easy tasks

This is the time to do the tasks that don’t take much thinking. Organize your emails, set up your voicemail, etc.,

6. Entertain yourself

If no one is watching, this is the time to read a fun blog or watch an entertaining video. What about an inspiring TED Talk? Or challenge your mind a bit by catching up on your Skillcrush class work!

7. Do some yoga

Yoga can do wonders for your body (which is slowly deteriorating by you sitting for eight hours per day) and also for your work. And here are a bunch of moves you can do right next to your desk. This is sure to wake you up.