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This Is How You Hit A Million Views on YouTube

Every company wants to make a video that will take the world by storm and start the next big trend. But making the next Grumpy Cat actually takes some real strategy. Luckily we got some great advice fromĀ CEO Alexander Debelov, an expert on how to build YouTube audiences, on how to make a great video campaign.

1. Reach out to topic influencers

Before you launch your video on YouTube, reach out to tastemakers related to the video topic and give them a preview.

2. Time it well

Pick a day and time to release your video when you’ll need less overall views to reach the top of YouTube leaderboards in your chosen category.

3. Rally the troops

Get social proof for your video and some immediate views by emailing your fan list, inviting your followers, or using a platform like

4. Push it hard for 24 hours

Create additional marketing spikes during the first 24 hours to show YouTube algorithms high rates of views, likes, comments, and shares.

5. Rinse and repeat

When you see the pace of video views slowing down, go back to your supporters and partners with new incentives for additional video sharing.