Your City May Be Hurting Your Freelance Career


We are entering the decade of the freelancer. According to Emergent Research, a small business research firm, 40% of the American workforce will be freelance by 2020. But the city you live in may be making an impact on your ability to have a thriving freelance career. Though being freelance clearly has some awesome perks (you can wear your pajamas all day  and no one judges you if you eat chips all day), there are some major challenges. You are basically running your own business and you are a one man ship. Plus, no insurance, control over steady work flow and payment.

Even though a benefit of freelance is supposed to allow you to work from any where, there are still certain cities that are better than others. Freelancers need to be in a city that is going to provide an environment with many business opportunities as well as accessibility and affordability and a community of like-minded workers as well as insurance costs.

Luckily, NerdWallet put together a list of the top cities for freelancers based on those factors. Are you in one of them? If you aren’t and you are trying to get your freelance career going you may want to reconsider your location (click on it to make it larger.) Nerd Wallet best cities for freelancersLos Angeles came in first because it is the prime example of what helps freelancers. It has a higher number of coworking spaces than most cities. It also has a higher quality of life (unlike us East Coasters who are just loving this never-ending Tolstoyian winter) as well as easier access to health insurance, networking and education opportunities and tax benefits through unions. So basically if you want to see a bunch of people working in a Starbucks with their laptops, L.A. is the city for you.

Photo:  Viktor Hanacek for PicJumbo