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Watch: 5 Tips to Launch Your Website Like a Pro [+ free how-to download!]

Launching a website seems like it should be so simple, but so much can go wrong! We’ve all seen websites blow up  (like healthcare.gov). How can you make sure launching your website that you are setup for success?

Squeeze a mega amount of productivity into a 30 minute break by watching this amazing YouTube video with Skillcrush CEO, Adda Birnir: 5 Tips To Launching Your Website Like a Pro.

She opened the curtain to give you a behind-the-scenes, easy-to-follow guide featuring all the tricks you need to know about launching a website. From the secret service that will check your site for broken links to the so-easy-your-grandma-can-do-it way to create mobile icons for your site (and yes, you NEED them), you will come away from this hangout smarter, wiser, and better informed! 

Watch and learn:

  • Why most websites are launched in the middle of the night
  • The good, better, and BEST way to launch
  • ALL of my favorite, can’t-live-without-’em resources!

PLUS! Tweet about the hangout, and download Adda’s step by step guide for launching your own website like a pro. This 10-page guide has more links, resources, and insider tips than you’ve ever seen in one place.


And if you’re serious about getting that website launched (finally!), check out our beloved Skillcrush classes. People are raving! February classes start Monday, February 10th. (Hint: there’s a discount code in the download!). Join in the fun!


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