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14 Amazing Things To Do on the Web in 2014 – with Just One Skill!

The New Year. The perfect time to celebrate how you have learned, grown, and changed in the last year and set the foundation for the exciting things you’ll be doing this one.

In honor of the dawn of 2014, we’ve collected a list of 14 amazing things you can do with technology this year. The kicker: you can do all of these fun tricks with just one skill: JavaScript! Get your inspiration gear ready, and read on:

  1. Every website needs a tour, including yours!

  2. Create your own custom timeline (like Facebook, but better!).

  3. Showcase your beautiful photos in an equally beautiful slideshow.

  4. Run your own Node.js server. Because JavaScript can be on the backend now too!

  5. Build your own mobile application, no iOS needed.

  6. Templates! And handlebar mustaches.

  7. Give the adolescent teen boy inside you something to laugh about.

  8. Code your own color picker! From scratch.

  9. Put a NY Times style document viewer on your website.

  10. Tell a story with an interactive chart.

  11. It’s a seascape! And it moves when you tilt your phone.

  12. Crushing on all those parallax pages? Now you have one too!

  13. Make an MTV popup video, 2014 style.

  14. Google Maps are boring. Way better to go with a retro map instead.

And you can do it all with just ONE skill!