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What did you do this year? Let these handy apps recap your BEST social media moments

You probably already know that Facebook now curates your top moments of the year through their Year in Review feature and that you can also review your friends’ top shared moments. Quick and easy as it may be, the Facebook recap is a bit…boring. Here, some additional fun ways to recap 2013 with Twitter and Instagram.


Vizify Twitter Video

This video recap on Twitter set to Matrix-esque music is my new favorite thing. It pulls your most popular tweets, photos and even your Vines! It counts down your top 3 followers, top 3 most-tweeted topics and charts the times during the day you tweeted the most. It puts it all together in a little video collage for you and then gives you the option to edit/add “scenes” and swap out the music. Fun! Check out Skillcrush’s video recap. Along with your video, you also get a list of your top 10 most popular tweets.

My Top Tweet

If that’s too much work for you, you can always visit My Top Tweet and get a list of your top most popular tweets in 2013, no editing required.


Head on over to  and sign in to get a 2013 video year in review of your most popular Instagram moments. Annoying: is seeing so many requests for their video recaps that their wait time on videos is advertised at about 12 hours (although the couple I requested took much less – one arrived in under an hour and the other took just under two). No instant gratification here, but pretty worth the wait at the end. Go ahead and get in the queue now. And check out the Skillcrush below or on our Instagram page.


If waiting isn’t for you and you’d like to select your own moments, Flipagram is a great photo-only alternative. The app lets you go through your camera roll and select your fave pics of the year and creates a fun flipbook set to music. Warning: I had so much fun picking moments from last year I ended up with about 80 photos- far too many if you actually want to be able to look at and register the moments you choose to highlight. My recommendation is to practice your editing skills and keep your pic picks at around 15-20.

Have you discovered any other fun video/photo mashup apps that we should know about? Let us know in the comments!

Deepina Kapila

Dee is a fun-loving instructor with diverse tech experience across Fortune 500 companies, early-stage start-ups, government agencies & non-profits. Dee works at mobile product design studio Funsize, in Austin Texas where she lives with her husband, 2 border collie mixes, & 2 cats.

In her spare time she enjoys playing video games, reading on her Kindle & scuba diving in her hometown (Curaçao - an island in the Caribbean!).